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Good deals?


@daath I surf all day for deals and I’ll start posting them here if it’s ok???


Sites country of origin... USA... CHINA
Need advice moving from uwell crown to an RTA
Gear best can't ship

I can’t speak for Daath but I’m all for it and appreciate your efforts and sharing.


I’d really like @daath to approve first.


Sure - Go ahead :smile:


Perhaps posted here?


Yes @Jimk, thanks for noticing :smiley: I moved this one as well!


Duhhhh sry didn’t even think to look around???


For temp control.


Looks like a familiar brand of cigs… cigs… yuk!!


LOL! :smile: IT DOES!

Thanks for the links! I have bought both offers from the first link :smiley:

That VapeMail HYPE!!


50 watts 30 bucks!!!


Just cool IMO… I have the full size… post holes r huge!!!

      Have a look at this site:


They have a lot of great stuff on sale ALL the time.
They also have a lot of the newest merchandise, at really good prices.
You can have a look at what they have “coming soon”

I really like the Scandinavian version of it:

They are really cool, and master the “art” of good customer service as well :smiley:



These r real nice I messed around w one a few days ago… around $110.00 @ the vape store here!!!


I loves me a deal! Not much to spend when you work for a non-profit so I appreciate any savings I can get. Thank you!




These r awesome I have two… rock solid and a work horse!!! Plus a free silicone case!!!



An iStick 50W clone?


I’d like to order one, but I’m leery about how good it would be. Guess I’ll wait and see if anyone orders it and reviews it.