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Good deals?




Thanks. I always forget about that website! Duh :smile:


You can the Skar from the link I posted about shipped from California, they will also send you a 10% off coupon if you put it in your cart and leave it there just as long as you are logged into your account when you do. I think the free shipping starts at $100 for ecig-city so maybe grab something else.

Personally I don’t order from gearbest anymore unless they begin to offer a e-packet option. My last 2 orders from them took 25 days and 29 days. I was about to open up a dispute with paypal on the last order before the 30 days came up but it arrived that same day.

I really like my VT75 26650 version, got it from ecig-city for $45 which was a steal. They don’t have that deal right now, sold out. They do have the Nano though for $80, wait for the 10% off coupon and get it for $72.

When ecig-city has a deal they really kill it, they usually sell out fast though.

Thanks for the links bud!


Feeling a little guilty buying my own BD presents, but lets face it my Mom/Wife/Sister (these are all separate people!) aren’t gonna buy me…

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper - Black $39.99
IJoy Limitless LUX 215W TC Mod With 2pcs 26650 Batteries - Wood grain $71.99
Interchangebale Face Plates Sleeve For The Limitless Lux Dual 215W - Dragon $17.99
2 pcs Ijoy 26650 Battery $14.99
Smok TF-RDTA S2 Deck (FREE with code freegift)
Ijoy Limitless 24 RDA (authentic) - Stainless $17.99
Avidartisan Daedalus Coil DIY Tool $34.99

Remember there’s no free shipping …anywhere …not really. I like to use DHL from China, been very fast previously. So lets start the clock and see how fast I get. Waiting 20-30 days to save 20 bucks is no savings. Great prices and offer fast shipping options Thanks Efun.top~! W00T! a Daedalus!


The shipping is over $14USD when I went to checkout


Flash sale billow v2.5 £15

Also found the Digiflavor Pharaoh for £22


@ozo I have done cart to cart comparison with those free shipping sites and efun.top always beats the total price at checkout, plus was it DHL Express? The free shipping takes forever and DHL is crazy fast. When I review tracking is see my orders being transported to the US over the weekend …including Sunday. We’ll see how fast I get my recent order (yesterday). Just the $$ saved on the Daedalus will pay my DHL shipping cost for all my other stuff and the Daedalus


Ya, I understand, but the $14.35 (?) was for an e-packet, which I thought very high…
DHL was $4+ more.
I would like to have an AvidArtisan…I don’t make many claptons anymore, but I really like
the design of this. I have the 3D Vape and it works fine, but this AA is a better design.
I sure won’t give $80 for one.


You could try adding some more small items and see if it affects that shipping. When you ship an item that weighs 2 lbs and 2 oz you get charged (from the Postal Service) for 3 lbs plus size of box defines base cost

Ha I think I just recommended You buy more stuff :wink:


iStick Pico 75W kit with tank $25



How about $69.99? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was the same , getting ready to buy from efun but the 24.99 shipping and the wait for the slow boat from China caused me to search elsewhere.
This is where I eventually ordered mine from , along with a couple of the Goblin Mini V3’s . They should be here by Friday.


Often make orders for myself and my loved ones (birthdays shouldn’t be the only ocassion to make a gift) from http://gypsyvapes.com. I prefer that store for fast (always) and free (orders over 75 bucks) shipping.


Isn’t someone waiting for these to be available? DNA250 board in a Therion 166 config

Not sure what final price would be (“Member” price?)


Code: VAPORJOE13 = $9.54 + shipping

4 LGHE4 batteries 16.99 +FS


Coupon code that was posted in another thread:


Mainly for U.K. Vapers:



Has anyone here ordered from CSVAPE before? I was going to grab one of those Cleitos on sale for $12.00 but couldn’t get any idea of how much they were charging for shipping without entering in my CC information. How much does shipping generally run for something like a tank or mod at CSV?


I paid $3.55 in shipping for an RDA sent to California. That was my only purchase
(so far). No problems whatsoever.


I got this tank from another vendor for $10 probably 3 weeks ago and am really surprised, it is a good tank. Just noticed they also have it in the clearance section of CSvape: https://csvape.com/shop/tanks/advken-ohmega-v2-rta/ for $12, I think that is a deal and would buy another one if I lost mine.

It is only 22mm though and the included drip tip is pretty short, I wound up putting my Kennedy drip tip on it for comfort and looks:


I just saw this at Vaporium and felt i wanted to share it with you guys.
They have a drive on juice now and i dont know the company or the juices but maybe someone in here does and can chip in.
Anywho you can get 5 120ml bottles with juice for 5$ a bottle with the code ThxRaul