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Good deals?


Another one for our UK friends… (that was again buried in a thread)

Reposted here for your convenience and perusal!


Used it about 10 minutes ago! :smile:


Am about to use it as we speak. Sitting here filling a basket with flavors right now. :thumbsup:


vapordna has the ijoy lux for $29.99 if you purchase an additional $35.
that sounds like a totally killer deal!
but i bet it wont last long.


Well, I’m officially annoyed with the iJoy Reaper Plus. Even at $5 it’s a bit of a drag. The stock coils both leaked horribly. The kanthal coil didn’t leak at all the first day, but overnight it leaked almost the whole tank. The SS coil leaked a whole tank right away. Hopefully I can make the RBA not leak, if so, then it was still $5 well spent.


Sorry to hear that. I haven’t used the stock coils. I’ve only used the RBA and I love it. Just make sure your wick fills the width of the juice well (I wick to the bottom of the wells). My first time leaked all over but now I’ve learned. I’ve got some TI Claptons (0.09) and rayon wick and I am good to go.


Csvapes has the Gemini RTA for $9.00 +Sh, but I can’t put in into my cart. Anyone else tried it?


Worked for me. Had to refresh a couple of times.


Strange, I still can’t but I can add other stuff to the cart. Oh well, found it on ebay for the same price when you factor in the shipping from CSV.


VC2 charger for $10 at csvape.com

Ecig.com 25%off flash sale coupon code FLASH25 seems to be working on everything. Smok Alien mod with 2 batteries $37.46 with coupon code


Does anyone know anything about the cloupor gt 80 mod? For the price I’m tempted to put one in my cart to try out and throw in the vapocolypse box.


Things just got cheaper!



Noooooooo, stop that!!! I am on a self imposed no spending lock down until Black Friday. I WILL NOT BUY THIS…


With their free shipping might be a deal? I don’t use nic, so not really aware of average prices.


And here I was, all ready to cross-link the other post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Way to be on top of it! =D

Great flavorless Nicotine from a truly awesome vendor whose customer service is top shelf (for those of our recent USA forum additions who may not be aware)!!


Lol…I think it always just ends up being who is checking their email at the time. That is why I appreciate all our regulars…we all share as we find things.


Are they always free shipping ? My order is requesting me to choose a shipping charge ? Hmm


No, it’s between a certain weight range that I can never remember. I think the minimum is 1lb? And they don’t list it on their website that I have been able to find. @Nicotine_River will you help us out please?


Ah I think you’re right ! I remember something about that. Thank you


The sale is within the set weight range of 1-25 lbs. Anything less or more will result in request of payment for shipping! :slight_smile: