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Good deals?


www.wotofo.com: We have a treat for you all! Special Halloween coupon code for our two new box mod. This code “HalloweenC8” can set off 8 dollars if you purchase Chieftain 80W or Serpent 50W from our website. The code will be invalid after Nov. 03 (PST)



CM 521 TAB $25



Are the products at Fast Tech originals or copys as they are cheap and offer free worldwide shipping.
And $21 for a Smok Baby Beast seems very cheap


The ones that say “authentic” in the title are real. The ones that say “styled” in the title are clones.


$21 for a Smok Baby Beast is actually pretty high, I saw it at $16.99 from a US vendor when it first came out on sale. Sale is over but I am sure you can find it at less that $20

Here is the Baby Beast coming out of Hawaii for cheap https://www.eciggity.com/smok-tfv8-baby-beast-sub-ohm-tank/

They were $16.99 at vapenw.com , they sold out of course at that price but I would expect even cheaper come Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

I do order from fasttech and other China sites from time to time but really if you look around a lot of US vendors are beating China vendors in price and you don’t have to way more than a week or 2 for your items.


@R0B I just ordered a Liter of (0% Nic) PDO from Liquid Labs with a 30% off coupon code! Was quite a bit cheaper than other sources (Amazon etc) and it’s made for vaping (99.9% USP). I have my own ideas on the mixing ratio with VG and I have some experiments I want to do with the pure 1,3-PROPANEDIOL
Check it out here (coupon codes works for VaporBase too!)




VALID 11/1/16 - 11/4/16 AT WWW.LIQUIDLABS.US


Crown II tank +RafaleX +pack of coils $30 if anyone is interested.



Or the SE-1 tank +RafaleX +pack of coils for $25



First I have heard about the SE-1 tank, just read up on it and it is a Crown II that uses new better coils and an improved chimney design. From what I read it is still the Crown II coils it uses but the latest design? A little confusing but a decent price, the RafaleX is a OK dripper, best if you knock out the spit back guard on it.


Sale says it starts at 3PM but it is already live. The best price I have seen on a Hohm Wrecker G2, I love them so much I just bought my 4th!




It’s approximately $1.20 for 10ml INW and $3 for 30ml if any of the flavors left is something you like.


Am I missing an option or something because the cheapest shipping option I get from RTS for a 10ml bottle is $7.37???


Wow. I didn’t buy anything so I don’t know. That’s pretty ridiculous shipping. I just got the email and shared it. I’m sorry, sales are no good with shipping like that :frowning:


Yeah I believe that I’ve browsed that site before and the shipping rates were the reason I didn’t order anything from them. Thanks for the heads up though! Definitely worth it for someone who wants to hit the $75 free shipping limit.


Dirt bottom price for a fantastic mod. I updated my G! with a G2 board recently and spent 57.00 for the board alone. Jump on it! I may just have to get another one.


if you need a calculator let me know! :wink:


Ya’ll be quiet I’m trying to convince the wife this is a great deal… :wink: All I have to do is type in my CC …stop distracting me :head_bandage:


Just do it. It’ll be OK, I promise…


Not that this is an announced deal but I thought it was worth posting since if anyone wanted to get any OoO flavors but need pg/vg their page states they will meet or beat other prices…

We will match or beat any PG and VG price by 110%. That means that what you pay now, take another 10% off of the price and you have a deal. We would like to make One on One Flavors your one stop shop.