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Good deals?


Ha ha I feel your pain I have to do a lot of convincing my selfd good thing my wife vapes lol.


They have some really unique flavoring that sounds delicious, but not in the reviews. I’m still reading a couple threads on here and researching, but I’d love to try their tapioca and pistachio pudding to start :slight_smile:


yeah it was rough when my Vape Mail come in today :smirk: of the stuff I had already ordered this week


You can now get a HΩ Wrecker G2 (Hohm Wrecker) 171W Temperature Control Box Mod (limited edition) for only $44.97, original price is $134.99 by using the code “G2FLASH”



One on One has some good flavors and some real duds. I love the Sugar Butter Cookie (emphasis on the butter, it is rich) Cream (Milky Undertone) is good. I like the Marshmallow Vanilla and Strawberry Sour Belts. The Butter toffee and Butter Vanilla are decent, can add a richness to mixes.

When I use sweetener it is the OoO I reach for in a fruit mix, can’t stand sucralose and use Stevia from time to time. OoO says there sweetener does not have sucralose or stevia, they won’t say what it is but it does smell citrus like and works great with no aftertaste like sucralose.

I forgot about Sweet and Tart candy, that’s a good flavor from OoO as well.

I would like to try there Bread Pudding one day, love the Real Flavors version but wish it was available in the raw extract. OoO will probably have a hard time to match the RF but you never know until you try it.

I would definitely recommend the Sugar butter cookie, it works great to add a buttery note to mixes with a slight cookie background. It is not a FA Cookie or INW Biscuit replacement but it has a lot of uses. There Sweetener is different than anything else on the market and can be very useful. Those are the 2 I would recommend that would be hard to find from another flavor maker.


Yeah… screw RTS. I think I’m done with these folks unless and until they rethink their act.

Artificially inflated prices to start with (just so they can advertise a “70% off” sale… /Chris Farley: whoopty-friekin-doo). Combined with the fact that they definitely have other shipping options when they’re not on some ‘monster sale’ (I’ve used USPS Priority with them before on these types of sales -it was either the last 60% off or the last 70% off sale)…

Cheapest shipping option I had (only thing offered was UPS) was 13.45 for a 10.31 order (9 ten ml. bottles of 8 flavors).

It’s one thing to have nice prices, (and they are good deals, bottom line) but FFS…stop all the shenanigans to get them there. AND THEN stop the shenanigans with shipping options.

Needless to say, I cleared the basket once I saw the shipping.


I just finished putting in an order at RTS. They & BCV have been my go to flavoring places, since I started DIY about a year & a half ago.

$26.00 - 120 ml Inawera concentrate

  • $1.56 ELR discount
    $24.44 Sub Total
    $7.35 USPS Priority Mail
    $31.79 Total

$35.50 - 120 ml Inawera concentrate (same flavoring as BCV)
-$24.85 Inawera 70% off sale
$10.65 Sub Total
$7.37 USPS Priority Mail
$18.02 Total

Pardon my sloppy freehand receipts. All that said, I agree, that RTS prices are higher, on a day to day basis. In my case, I have 25 or so flavors in my arsenal. That keeps me in my tobacco happy place. Since I am not chasing new flavors, for new recipes often, I can just monitor what I have on hand, and pick my shot, when it’s re-order time. Today, RTS won, by a pretty fair margin.

BCV did have a cheaper shipping option (USPS First Class) that was about $4.00 cheaper, that wasn’t available at RTS. That would have narrowed the gap a little. A personal side bonus for me is RTS ships their concentrates in glass, which I prefer over plastic. That’s just me.

I’ve never had a bad flavoring from either vendor, and wouldn’t hesitate ordering from either of them. I think it’s a matter of timing, watching for specials, and picking your shot. This time RTS was a better deal. Next order it may be BCV.


Looking for deals on Veterans day, I found this in Clearance section at My Freedom Smokes
I got an AIO. The tank gurgles for a bit and the flavor was okay, but of course I switched to using the adaptor to put my Aromamizer on it. It’s like an Evic but larger. At this price $14… it really is a great deal. I paid about $44 for mine.


Hey D!

I’m glad you found the means to get your needs filled, and managed to get a good deal out of it!

I also agree with you about absolutely loving the fact that they use glass (that’s big for me as well)! Likewise, I have had nothing but quality product from them, and their shipping has always been accurate and very fast. So there’s some things that they are very much on the right track with!

There’s just certain things (as I’ve mentioned above, or previously) about this particular approach that leave me wanting. Another of which is related directly to Inawera, and that’s that they don’t show/denote specifically which flavor is from what grouping: Yummy Classics, Wera Gardens, Koncentrat, etc.
Now, granted, for those that are willing to do a little legwork, it’s not hard to figure out where some of these fall. But with others, many “titles” overlap groups, so by RTS not defining which group (Inawera family) they’re from, you have to get your next batch from RTS if you want the exact same thing. And I feel this is intentionally done, especially when you see the other tactics in place and actively used.

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. But I would rather “reward” other vendors that use a more direct approach in pricing (with a modest sale), who list things with a more complete picture (looked at Cap VC, and it didn’t even say if it was v1 or v2, just “diacetyl free”), and maybe even pay a little more.

All in all, at least they ship quality product, that’s well packed, and quickly. That’s more than we can say for some. For me, the rest is more of an “ethics vote” as far as the dollar goes (obviously).

EDIT: I find it interesting that you had the USPS option for a single 120ml, but I didn’t for 90ml’s. Geographic difference, or more shenanigans? The world may never know… /chuckles


Nicotine River
15.99 - 120 ml Inawera concentrate

  • 0 ELR discount
    15.99 Sub Total
    $2.60 First Class Package
    $18.59 Total


[quote=“ozo, post:2198, topic:17848, full:true”]
CM 521 TAB $25


This is still active folks!
(Originally posted 10 days ago by Ozo!)

If you don’t already have one…this is a great device at a really nice price! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I learn something new here every day…lol. I didn’t even know about the grouping within Inawera, such as Yummy Classics, Wera Gardens, Koncentrat! I need to get out more!

Actually, that can be blamed on my tobacco only mixing. I head straight to the tobacco aisle 99% of the time. That’s also a reason for me using RTS frequently. It’s their Hangsen tobacco selection. I’m a Hangsen addict, and I’ve never gotten an ‘Out of Stock’ alert on any of my favorite Hangsen tobaccos there. BCV’s Hangsen line up is almost as good, and their every day pricing is better, which may account for more out of stock notifications.

I can tell you, that I always look at BCV first. If it’s available there, I usually pull the trigger, because of the pricing. I’ve only had one complaint on a BCV purchase. They used the cheapest box I’d ever seen on one order. It arrived mangled & torn, no doubt from USPS abuse. Everything was intact, so all was good, but I took pics of the box and sent them to BCV cust service. I got a reply from them immediately, thanking me for letting them know, and apologizing for the box selection. They said they were going to use my pics in their packing & shipping training … lol. Just their quick reply earned points with me, and I’ve had orders since, with absolutely no issues.

As far as the USPS Priority option. I think the default was UPS. There was a drop down menu that allowed another shipping method, where I selected the Priority Mail option. I’m not sure if our locations had something to do with whether the options menu is available. I’m in Michigan.


Good price, but very limited tobacco flavor selection. I do like the Gold Ducat though.

I do love Nicotine River’s nicotine. Have 2 liters of it, in the freezer :+1:


Didn’t wanna create a new topic for this one so i will post it here.

For those of you that can’t wait for the Goon LP to come out can order this little clone in the mean while and try it out.



Some good deals right here including the smok tf-rta g2 for $5.95 and everything on here is free shipping. I have ordered from them numerous times and have had fast shipping and my orders have always been correct. I just ordered 4 more of these tanks. They were $9.95 but this is an even better deal!



OMFG How Awesome is THIS
awesome looking as hell but also a Evolv DNA75


Yes, it’s sweet…my hubby is dying for one!


What are the chances that Gearbest gets them in for giveaways …
sigh, we can only dream.


Yeah, I like Vaporrange as well, gotten a few orders from them. I can recommend the MK Vapes Enigma 300W Tank, killer deal for $9.95. I have the Gold and Bronze and the finish is outstanding. The only thing I don’t like about the Enigma is it can be tricky to screw the top back on, have the make sure you catch the threads just right. Coils are a little pricey as well, they need to run a sale on those. So far have only used the coil that is 300 watt capable. Not that I have a mod that can do 300 watts nor would I try it. Ran the tank at 110 watts, took it like a champ but heated up like a stove top. I run it comfortably 55 to 65 watts and it is tasty. I would say probably better than the original Cleito but not as good as the Celito 120.

Picked up the gold one as it looks more like brass so it is a nice match for the brass on my Revenant:

The finish on the Bronze is real nice too:


Here is something that might be of interest for my UK and European friends.