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Good deals?


if anyone runs into an aspirek4 kit for under 30 let me know please


If anyone spots an hohm wrecker G2 deal like the one they had for black friday, could you please let me know.


$4.00 with the coupon. Don’t have one, but I’ve heard good things about it.



I got one from the black Friday sale but I haven’t had time to build on it. I just put a build on my serpent yesterday. I did go ahead and order another crius and serpent. I got another rafale rda too. There were 4 left when I looked. It never hurts to have $4 and $5 tanks in my vapocolypse box! LOL! There are always friends and family who want to quit smoking as well. It’s nice to be able to help them out as well!


Rich and the crew @Gremlin_Juice have some pretty damned good deals right now (still 30% off) in the ‘Sale’ section!! It would seem a good idea to check that area more frequently, as the flavors have been changing up over the last month or so!!


Not anything I saw announced per se, just happened to be bouncing around and landed there tonight/this morning! Picked up several great deals on LorAnn Naturals (can’t wait to try their creamy caramel!), and also TFA Apple Pie (which I didn’t realize I was almost out of, since I had put the apple turnover on hold, until I got the FA Liquid Amber in, then I noticed, and went …crap. It figures!! lol) At least I’ll get to start monkeying around again with the Apple Turnover recipe come the New Year!!

Anyways, no code needed, and our “in-house ELR code” works as well, so get 'em while you can!! :wink:

Thanks again Rich for keeping that portion of the site alive and fresh!! The site’s been growing leaps and bounds bud!! Hope that the New Year finds you and your gang with much success!!


use the same code as on Black Friday: G2FLASHx1
I just checked and they have it listed for $130.00, minus $85.00 discount code = $45.00. Vaporcube leaves their codes active for a looong time. LOL


Dammit! Every time I come to this thread it cost me money, lol.

I like mine so much if this deal is still active I want at least one more. maybe two.


Get two, they’re sm…er…just get two LOL


25% off wire at Kidney Puncher 12/25/16 and 12/26/16



vaporworld.biz is having 50% off plus get 10% back in rewards on all clearance items use coupon code WINTER50

The OBS Crius was $2.50 before you get you’re rewards back. I also got another SMY 60 watt for $10 and a few Serpents for $4.50 (stainless) and $5 (black).


Nicoticket is 70% off on everything but 2 of their juices.

Newyears2017 is the coupon code.


Thanks for sharing! The Coilmaster 521Tab og is also only $5. Just bought the hubby the mini for xmas at $20 :frowning:


Nice. Got a couple of G4 decks and a couple of RDAs.


Wizard Labs


It’s so hard to not hoard!


Has been effect since 12/31 but still good through today 1/1 another Fasttech sitewide sale.

Coupon Code is TOAST for 15% off



eciggity new years resolution sale 1/3 to 1/7
20% off sitewide (and in store)


coupon code: quitsmoking

If they had the g-priv in gold, I’d be getting that, they only have it in red…smok alien would be tempting, but they are sold out- but looking at ordering the Ammit RTA. I had talked myself out of getting it, but with this sale…


Sale ( use code = goodbyemc ) for wire and mesh or any thing store wide 25% off


I just got 4 more sheets of mesh ( I like the coil so much )

Good Deals 2017!