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Good deals?




Good news:
“A holiday treat from Bull City Flavors…
On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders!
No code needed, but HURRY - FREE”

Bad news:
The one and only flavor I need is not in stock. :cry:



Anyone else having issues with BCV and the free shipping not working (or showing up)???


It’s showing up for me when I go to checkout.


Yeah… it wasn’t working at 2.34am CST (which should have been 1.34 EST, more than an hour and a half past the server time -assuming it was on the East Coast like their business is…) =/

At any rate, I ended up skipping shopping there, since they went OOS on the FW Butterscotch Natural 4oz as I was checking out. :angry: They wanted $4 for a 30ml, when four times that amount was only $8.90 (the 120ml)!!! :rage: I don’t know if they think we’re stupid or what…but that was a slap in the face. I find Grant’s ‘tiering’ far more understandable, and I appreciate it more than he knows!

I ended up putting in that small order with @Nicotine_River, and even without BCV’s ‘free ship day’ I came out much happier at NR. :wink:

I can’t wait as NR continues carrying more products (especially things like Hangsen’s French Vanilla Ice Cream! hint). Perhaps they can even work something out with DIY Flavor Shack, and get some Holy Vanilla (among others)!!
/nudges Grant @ NR gently

Amazing how one little aspect can make/kill an order. lol (Yay NR free shipping!!)


Count yourself lucky you’re not in Ireland where shipping from as close as the uk can cost $8 for even a small order


Oh I do!! I do!! My orders would be much larger and much farther between to make it worthwhile! Rest assured!


Pilot Vape Ohm Tester



Interesting rebadge of the CM 521 Tab!

Also, that picture where they have it “all hooked up” cracked me up!! I just hope that a newb doesn’t think that’s a valid testing configuration! ROFL

(Referring to the picture where the voltage checker is screwed into the base, with the wires on the top.)




From Randy Lisk on FB group DIY E-Juice Recipes.
NEW FLAVORs only 15% off code: flvejr17
This coupon code gives a 15% discount off all new flavors (only) for 15ml and 4oz sizes. No quantity limit. :slight_smile: Each customer can use this coupon 2 times.
To use this code:

  • Visit us at http://store.flavorah.com/
  • Click on “MY ACCOUNT” and create an account with us. Also, to stay current with all things Flavorah please subscribe to our Newsletter.
  • Once your account is created, under “CATEGORIES” select the “NEW FLAVORS” tab to view all flavors that qualify for this offer.
  • When order is complete, proceed to checkout, apply promo code, and click “APPLY”. Once the screen is refreshed your discount will be visible.


Fasttech is having a 15% site wide sale effective now…not sure for how long though.

Coupon code is: SANTACLAUS


Innokin Coolfire IV 100w is $8.99. Don’t know how long, available in red, blue and black right now.



Thanks for the heads up. I couldn’t resist adding a couple of Picos to the stash, for $20.66 ea.


I still can’t see how you found this. I was wondering if there were other door busters. LOL.


Can’t have too many of those Picos! I was going to pick up a Pico Squeeze but it has an ETA ship date of 1/15/2017. Wouldn’t be able to handle the wait for that one :smirk:


Vaporworld.biz is 20% off everything. If you u buy items in the sale category use coupon code winter25 and get an additional 25% off. So you basically get 45% off plus 10% back in rewards. The 20% will automatically come off in your cart.


I didn’t even think to check the ship date, when I ordered. They’re destined for the stockpile. Just checked, and it says ships next day. Maybe being an older item than the Squeeze, they have more stock.

Two more single 18650 mods were the last things I needed to scratch off my want list. Should be done shopping for a while, if I can avoid this Good Deal thread!


Must know where to find them?


I tried to find some too…lol. It was posted on another site and I just shared here. I can’t take credit for this one. I was looking too…very thoroughly