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"Grown Up" Recipe Suggestions


Hey all

I’m getting really bored of strawberries, blueberries cakes and creams of late and am looking to go a bit more tobacco’s, bourbons, rums nuts and such

Any recipie suggestions would be massively appreciated


Soho by Flavour Art mixed at 12%


Look at Stixx Mixx, Ty has some really nice Coffee, Tea & N.E.T. flavor concentrates.


Here are 2 The Trifecta by @silhouette is real good in my opinion


have you tried Bust a nut by @Alisa its one of the most popular recipes


Thanks guys


No I saw it mentioned on the Tobacco thread
May give it a go… thanx FV


That Bourbon Street looks good David 🖒


I like it a lot so much so I have gone to this extent. And Thank you


Not so sure about @SthrnMixer s notes on this one but may give it a go anyway lol


Dark Bourbon Cream by @Alisa is pretty damn good, even tho my first attempt was a bit flat! I didn’t have a couple of the key ingredients and my subs might have missed the mark. It’s complex and rich and I’ve got an order for the right ingredients coming.


That looks good too !
Oh God… now I’m going to be spoilt for choice

There’s gonna be a lot of vape mail in the next few days :joy::joy:


See what happens when you crack Pandora’s Box? :crazy_face:


Anyone used hickory or oak ?
I know it’s good with beef and pork but I’d imagine a slight touch in some tobacco’s and whisky’s could be good


Yes, Oak Wood (FA) I use a lot of times, adds a nice woods flavor to rums and bourbons


I’ve read of people adding a small amount of oak to certain tobacco flavors to accentuate the woody notes, but I’ve just scratched the surface of tobacco flavors. BTW, Dark for Pipe(INW) is a great flavor, just don’t go over 2%! It’s STRONG.


FA Oak Wood is really nice. Its not as crazy intense of a flavor as I thought it would be, which I like because it makes it a little easier to fine tune in a recipe to find the right amount. And if you have the urge for something fruity again it pairs really well with apple. Its not really smoky, just woody.


Purilum Vanilla Bourbon Cream is also a really nice bourbon flavor. Its not just “vanilla bourbon” as in the type of vanilla, but a true creamy vanilla flavored boozy bourbon. I actually like it as a standalone around 5%, but I’ve been using it in mixes anywhere from 1-3%.
Here’s one that turned out really well. Not sure how far away from creamy you want to stay… This is creamy. But not fruity or bakery or anything.


Here’s another one you might like with butter rum. Unless you don’t like diacetyl… In which case you shouldn’t try this.

Again though… This is obviously creamy, so if that’s totally not what you’re looking for then just ignore me. Lol


Thanks David, that was real nice to recommend mine. I have been wanting to try Red Oak TPA, but every time I go to buy it I just choose something else…anyone like it?