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Guys I am worried


As long as the finches don’t shit on your food or your e liquid stuff, you are in good shape right?


I heard Finch shit gives your e-liquid a earthy, almost seedy flavor. Not quite nutty, but close.


My bottle of Pyrue turned an odd oxidated color and stained my bottle I trashed mine too and haven’t bought any more thou. I should of put it in the fridge.


Walt from Real Flavors posted recently that his flavors will last 2 - 3 times longer in a fridge generally so all my flavors went in a fridge as it will take me a decade to vape them all. I am going to need a dedicated fridge soon, already got a dedicated nic freezer with room to spare for overflow food stuff.

ugg, thanks for this. need to go toss my pyure in the fridge.


Wished Walt would have told all of us about this fridge thing last year before we all bought shit tons of the stuff.


mine had gunk floating in it already and was pretty dark, in the trash it goes and adding a new bottle to my next amazon cart.

I wish any of the vendors would have mentioned it in years past so it was common knowledge on the forums. I believe he said 12 - 18 months in a cool dark place (my basement is sub 70f even in heat of summer) and 3 - 4 yrs in the fridge so I am not too worried about my first few flavors that are now 6 - 8 months old and in the fridge. ~70 bottles fit in the bottom crisper drawer of a tiny dorm room sized fridge for me with just a few on the top row that aren’t too stable. It is time for me to get a larger dedicated mini-fridge from best buy so I can get them all up on shelves and maybe even rig something up like @woftam did in his fridge so it is quick and easy to find the flavor I need.


I’ll check too on prices although a mini fridge won’t be enough space for all my flaves. I went overboard last year on them. I’ve got several flaves that are 2 years old and still doing fine


This looks like a disaster but these flaves are all in rows of different vendors. There are even more than this of rarely used vendors in another shelf not pictured. So if I were to place these in the fridge, it would have to be a spacious MF and I don’t have the disposable cash to throw on a flavor fridge of the size I’d need. Might have to consult Santa


See if you can find a second hand wine fridge - that would be my first choice but i swapped a fridge for juice it is only a small fridge but i have close to 500 in it.


An option could be 2 small ones to accommodate all of the flavors.


I’ll see what the appliance store in town has to offer on medium refrigerators. Not sure if Santa is making these right now or not.


I did not read all the posts but do you know there is glycerine in cigarettes? and you burn them not heat.

For my 4 years of vaping I noticed people tends to worry about tiny molecules when they dont give a damn while smoking. With every warning you hear please think, How is this with smoking first.

How many ingredients with cigarettes? Men, paper, glue, filters and PG and VG and flavours they say about 400. Yes there is glycerine in cigarettes (keeps it wet) and it is burned.

My first reasoning with vaping was there are 400 materials in cigarettes and flaming them produces 4000 new products and more than 20% of them harming 10% causing cancer.
So how many ingredients with vaping? 10? any flame?
So it is safer than smoking.

If they blame Nutella in this capitalist world it means they will produce a new product alternating it. (Mark my word)
One of every two smoker will die from a disease caused by smoking and they sell cigarettes dont forget. But they try to supress vaping with 95% less harm. All their kindness all their fatherly advices and all their god is money.


So there are a lot of posts here, and I didn’t read anything. But are you saying I shouldn’t eat Nutella when its heated to 200 degrees?


Yes. Exactly. :+1:


@BoyHowdy @Amy2
I’ve been using Whole foods 365 Liquid Stevia. 11% alcohol and PG it doesn’t require refrigeration.
Pay attention as the flavored is right next to it in the same bottles.


i am no expert or smthing like that on this… but

i am vaping for 4 years now and i could say that i am a heavy vaper as i was a heavy smoker too (4pack of 25cig/day)… well in theory i should gain problems with my heart in the best or be dead in worst case scenario… now i vape somewhere at 25-50ml per day depending on mood… kinda like a steam engine or something :stuck_out_tongue: lol

until now i can say that i still feel better than before, no health problems at all… etc…

another thing that i know is that palm oil is getting dangerous when boiling (and boiling point as far i know for VG is 290 degree Celsius) and that’s when someone’s inhaling it… now in terms of vaping (without being 100% sure) it’s supposed that VG/PG NEVER gets boiled but it’s still vaporized…

logic behind that is…
a) if it starts boiling and becomes toxic or whatever… you should get a really really bad bad bad taste or whatever… if it’s toxic you should get dizzy or whatever… since it’s toxic… but HEY… it it’s so terrible you wouldn’t vape it… right?

b) if you’re using very thick wires etc… (let’s say in theory a dual fused clapton coil 20+20/32 at .15ohm) you would need like 233Watts just to make some hit on this thing (let’s forget that it nees like 15 wraps on every side and there isn’t a tank in my knowledge than can take this thing) and you can go up even up to 466Watts (400Watts is the Wismec Rx300 now and let’s forget batteries safety for a while) now to the point… it needs way much time for thick wires to get very and the temperature will never go so high while ejuice keeps them at the same time cool. so i think that even if my example exceeds the limits of logic… this isn’t a real danger in real vaping world…


You know what I think, you think too much.


i think the air i breathe walking around downtown portland is more toxic than what im getting from my vape. i could be wrong im not a scientist or a doctor :man_shrugging:


Now days EVERYTHING causes cancer