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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


Thanks man, was a very proud father at the time haha


I can say NO just to make you a bit frustrated :laughing:
But gadgets were used.


Tight! Very nice job.


I would have said no. Told me you whipped them up by hand in about 3 minutes. :laughing:


It did actually only take me 2 minutes, well 3 minutes if i include the time it took me to make 2 coils and put into the Goon :laughing:


thanks man :+1:


I just want to make some claptons that work even if it takes me an hour. Right now it takes about an hour for me to give up and walk away cussing. I’m going to have to make a jig.


once you get it you’ll get it man, just practice, it’s all about tension, once you get that down you’ll have the drill on full power and whip one up in no time :ok_hand:


Or you get the Daedalus and let that do the magic for you, you can get it as a complete set or only the jig.


Oh yes! This thing is chucking now and the flavor is great. Can’t compare it to the original Goon @Fenrir1 but it’s good.


Since it is chucking now i’m guessing you have rewicked it and put some more cotton in this time?


No, I just turned the volume button down. Will probably wick it again tomorrow with some rayon or more Muji cotton because it’s pretty damn tasty.

I will probably put a new build on it all together. The flavor is good with some spaced single wire, fused or just claptons will probably set it off. If I can make some claptons. :neutral_face:


The monitor…first time I have seen me on someone elses.


I have you as my screensaver Ozo, i also have several scatter cushions with your face on…

Not too weird right…??


Tsunami 22mm on a NC. Dual 26g kanthal, 12 wraps, 3.0 ID 0.81 ohms.


RX 2/3 TFG2 mothers unicorn milk deep water 22g Ti build so good


Wismex RX300 with old faithful Tsunami, SS twisted Ribon 0.13ohms 100w, 3 month old BAN…There isnt much that can top this :ok_hand:


Love this tank. Surprised more people don’t talk about it.


I hear ya I saw a post you made a while back about them being on sale and bought 2 immediately. $5.95 a piece is a steal for that tank. It’s all I’ve been using since I put those deep water coils in it… love it


I would sing its praises but too addicted to the G4 to go backerds :slight_smile: