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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


I had to check and it ohms out at 0.1 and normally on my mechs it is a nice vape. Well it is a nice vape with the right RDA :grinning:


I’m using VTC4’s, nothing gets even slightly warm…apart from the vape obv, I wouldn’t wanna go any lower though


I would say that with those batteries you got no issues going lower. I use the same batteries in my mechs and my normal builds are 0.09-0.11, around there. I don’t get warm batteries or any other issues.
Edit! But as always building low you kind of need to know what you are doing and be careful. I don’t chain vape my mech at these low builds since that is to ask for trouble.


My first experience with the PWM mod was at .23 ohms and when I pulled the mod away from my mouth there was flame still coming from the top. I think I had the pot between 50 and 100 though. Shit like that tends to make you cautious.


I agree, however, see the shooting flame post above. :boom:


On my first PWM I have it pretty much just under 50% all the time, I don’t need any more than that, usually using around .2 to .25 average, love that thing, with the new one on a Lipo it doesn’t move off 25%…that things unreal man seriously, I’ve taken it to around 40% but my lungs cried, big fan of the Lipo now though :ok_hand:


My next will have a lipo but it will have the DNA chip so it will be different. With a .66 ohm build on the PWM I can go to about 75% on the pot and it’s devine.



I turned the pot from about 48 to 23. Made a hell of a difference. I just started using this RDA today so it takes my brain a little bit to catch up.


thats the thing though, once you have these set up perfectly…nothing else comes close, I bought the temple from Vapefest last year as a gimmick, rarely used it, but Iv’e got some huuge coils in there, not super low though, .24 for the pair, spaced, it’s not pretty I’ll take a pic they’ve been in there a while now, but the flavour…oooft



Coils don’t look bad at all, Pugs. I’ve made some uglies before that heated perfect and gave me a great vape. Yours are fairly neat. If they give you what you want that’s all that matters.


They were quite nice when they went in lol…they’ve been punished bless em…


Oh yes, they look quite nice there. Still going strong though huh?


yeah fine, they’ve been dry burned quite a few times now like, they’ll need swapping out soon but they’re still goin good :ok_hand:


This is a spaced 22/32 3mm ID 5 wraps i put in the Unholy yesterday.


Very neat clapton that man, nice work


Thanks bro, it does what it is supposed to do.


Very nice! You use any sort of jig to make them? Please say yes or I’m going to be extremely jealous.


That’s about the best looking one I ever made, I’d only been doin it a short while when I did this and I really haven’t been putting the hours in at all since…I really need to, got distracted by all the review stuff, takes up aall my time now pretty much


Nice looking coils man :+1: