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Hand check (what you vaping on today)


Very nice set ups!


Thank you! The black is authentic SCNDRL, while the brass is my out and about clone.


5000 maH lipo with the most flavorful Rda I’ve ever owned the Tobeco Zorro! I’ve tried over twenty tanks and RDAS AND THIS IS NO DOUBT THE BEST!


Got my DPM Remmus ,Haku clone and a Gurkha Legend net.


smoant charon with a aspire cleito rta with dual clapton .4 ohm and my Blueberry Ice Cream Cone juice


Limelight Mods Freehand and a Snappy with a glass cap


u had me go look em up and gawk a bit, gorgeous mods!


oh yeah kbox 120 OLD SCHOOL , but still works like it was bought yesterday


Also old school Noisy cricket 1 with a freakshow v2.


TugLyfe Dna250 with the Lucid RDA.


WhiteRose & Anarchist RDA :metal:


My SMOK Majesty with dual twisted 28ga Stainless coils in my Sense Herakles Rta



Yeah they are really good, super comfy to use.


Omg that is beautiful! :star_struck:


heh @worm1 …did it come that shiny? :grinning::sunglasses:


absolutely not


i enjoy my shinies, turned:

in to this:

just because it bothered me not to

Removing the finish from a mod..?

Spring is here​:metal::metal::metal::metal:


Alien rocks)