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Hand check (what you vaping on today)



Either you have huge hands, or that is a small mod.


It is my stealth device)




stealthy but not practical, 18350 barely gets u thru 1 :voop


Custard in the Dvarw MTL



Finished up my first homemade box. Its a dual parallel mech in wood enclosure that i built. I really enjoy using it since it hits hard as any other mech i have and that i built it myself. The whole process was fun from cutting the pieces, finding parts i had on hand to make it work well, sanding and finishing w/ poly coat. Thoughts on building another were already flowing before she was finished.




18650 :smile:


smoant battlestar with the wotofo flow top


That’s pretty sweet man!


Tonight its a Speeder topped with an OBS crius II
A cylon with an Ammit 22
A revenger with an Ammit 25
And a G Class with a Kylin mini.

I’m a fool for single coil RTA’s.


Vapemail from @Vaptio_official
More details coming soon


You know what they say. Great minds!


Saturday afternoon combo. Goon 1.5 w/ brass Dreamer. :innocent:


Love it more when you do it all yourself! Force patinaed copper Wotofo Phantom in hybrid w/ copper heat sink,patinaed copper Freakshow v1 w/copper top cap drilled for 810 d.t. Use caution if u attempt to drill, the sleeve running thru is close to the 12.5 u need for the 810, recommend drilling abouts 12 and filing till she fits.


Looks great Jesse - nice one