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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Thanks for the pics @mrneph2
Nice. :smile:


Hey @TheTinMan1 I just couldn’t resist the shot you now how it goes lmao. Hows things



I would say that since the other party isn’t even there yet that’s probably the worst case of premature vapulation I’ve ever seen. @TheTinMan1 Love ya dude. lmao


Thank you my friend!! I still feel like a newbie compared to so many here… if I start shouting out to people I would leave out so many… I will say I have talked to the most and drawn way too many ideas from @Amy2 and she is a flavor goddess… along with so so many on here… so I am taking the cheesy way out and shouting out to all of my ELR family!! You all are so awesome and I take inspiration and fully support every mentioned member above and some… yes including you too @TheTinMan1 this is my second family even though I am absent sometimes you all are never far from my thoughts so a big THANK YOU to my ELR FAM and an even bigger THANK YOU to @daath and @JoJo and @Ken_O_Where for making this place possible and keeping all of us miscreants in line :wink: that means you @VapeyMama lol


Especially @VapeyMama. She is hard to tie down. I have tried.

Dammit wrong thread again.


You’re sure having a tough time keeping it in your… correct thread. Better work on that. :wink:


I’m honored to have been mentioned, I know I’m a weird one.

Guys, you are all uniquely inspirational, which is the reason I can easily say @Daath is the king. Thanks for making this place for us to come together. I only wish we had a place in 4D meatspace where we could all meet up, because I like y’alls.


All of the one’s listed above plus

HIC-I don’t think recipes posted by HIC but they are on here with notes.


Thank you all so much for your leadership, dedication and beautiful tasting notes!


Thanks! I just want to help people not smoke.


Like many have stated there are really too many people to mention. But I do really need to thank @daath for forming this setup and all the work he’s placed into it… of course the mods as well. And although there are some really good mixers here quiet often I enjoy the comments that are aside the actual recipes and ingredients, it makes one think about what they are doing far beyond just the simple thing they are currently working upon…
So thank you all for helping me become better at what I enjoy.


Thank you very much for the kind words I always try to help where I can. And it’s very cool to know that I’ve inspired you.


Thank you so much for the mention mate :slight_smile: I am glad that something I have done has helped others in the mixing community.


You are too kind man. Thanks for the mention, you don’t know how much this means to me :slight_smile:


TBH I think we all are inspired by everyone we come in contact with here. Everybody has something that we come away with that in some way will be of good at some point in our lives.
To all my Vaping FRIENDS

May god bless and keep you all.


@GPC2012 That’s how you say it brother !!!


For once you got the words right. You off your meds?


You mean the ones with you getting it on with 2 love dolls by the lake last summer?


He sent me the ones where he was had them dressed and was boating them around the lake. He has, uh, fancy tastes…


Yes he does! They sure looked real to me.