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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Two questions. Where do you store yours when not using it? Have you taken it to the movies yet?


I’m so ugly inanimate objects find the will to run away from me. LOL


@TheTinMan1 Just kidding Brother


I carefully placed mine in the closet. She’s kinda creepy stuffed in there though


That’s why they keep me around, every now and then I connect and hit one out of the park. If I tried to list names it would be a world record post. besides the fact that I just don’t type that fast and I’d be here for days just getting it written.


Lol! I just noticed that! I’m sure it says country kitchen or something to do with country. I hope this was an accident. Or perhaps it was intentional, who knows except for Pugs1970!


Thanks for your kind words Neil :blush:


This site has guided me through my journey in DIY and vaping in general. I haven’t come into contact with anyome that wasn’t helpful. I recommend this site to all my DIY and vaping friends! Excellent and inspiring community!:heart_eyes::clap::kiss::sparkling_heart:


And now @Laura5 tis your turn to take someone by the hand and give them the guided tour. When this person approaches you you won’t even hesitate to answer anything you can and help find the answer to anything you can’t.


Thank you for the mention @BoDarc … I am truly honored and it tickles me to know that someone appreciates my efforts. I know that I have not been very active mostly for the last year but I am also very flattered that I was not forgotten in my time away.

I have drawn inspiration from many artists here at ELR and honestly can not give credit to all that have inspired me … for that I apologize. I would rather thank all active members for their contributions whether they share recipes or not. I love this online community because of the people that make this community what it is … Great!


[quote=“woftam, post:22, topic:129491”]
The core regulars on this forum are the most helpful friendly group I have ever come across on net.
[/quote] I get that warm fuzzy feeling too, but I LMAO more than smile…you crazy folks rock!

Being pretty much a newbie here, I’m sure there will be more than I can list today, but I have 6 months or more of stuff to try from


Thx Ladies and Gents, Love your recipes :grin:


As the minority tobacco pariah I will have to nominate @Kinnikinnick for the tobacco recipes I’ve swiped and his wealth of information on NET’s :kissing_heart:
And of course @daath for setting up this website in the first place, without ELR I probably wouldn’t have gotten into DIY :hugs:




I wanted to as well, but seems Im never there when anyone is actually chatting lol… not voice anyway


What mix was this @SthrnMixer if I may ask? You’ve got me wanting to mix whatever the hell it is!


That make two us. @Kinnikinnick is the tobacco master, no question about it. He is also one of the most generous people you would ever want to meet. He has given me dozens of hours of his personal time responding to my endless “how do I do this” PMs. :grinning:

I owe him a big one !!


It’s probably been mentioned; I haven’t read the history, but…

All of you.


Best of my recollection it was a mix from @core who seems to be MIA lately. If this was the recipe I was referring to…and I think it was…he finally made it public. It’s excellent!

Edit - now that I think of it, I don’t think that was the mix. I used the word “collaboration” which I didn’t work with Core on this mix at all. It was all his. That said, I looked back at my April '17 recipes and can’t seem to locate one I collaborated with on IRC. If it comes to my I’ll respond here.


you’re going to make him blush now :blush:


Yeah, have to shout out ‘Convenient Vaping,’ ‘Mofogger’ [ his’ Blueberry Cupcake’ is outstanding. Long steep, but well worth it] and 'Steamroom Vaping. Have been inspired by many but these are a good start. Thanks to all who post their work for us to enjoy, and learn from.