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Has Another Mixer Inspired You? Thank Them Here!


Thanks @SthrnMixer, even though it’s not what you collaborated I will definitely give this a go…If you think of the one, give me a shout.


I havent tried a tobacco vape yet, what recipe would you recommend to try ?


Hey SM! That is the one you enjoyed and persuaded to make public. Sorry it took so long to get there! It is in my daily rotation still. It’s a great mix! I’m waiting for a 240ml to steep up now - just 3 more days… Hope your doing well friend. I will have to drop in the elr chat sometime soon~


Hey buddy! I hope you’re doing well.

Yes, that is a recipe which should be public. In fact I just finished up my last 120 ml bottle of it. Time to make more!! Party on Garth.


@SthrnMixer, FA Soho is a tobacco flavor ?


If there’s a tobacco component to this, I could only relate it to the taste of puffing on an unlit cigarette. It’s somewhat nutty with a caramel undertown. That’s probably a crappy description. How about this…it’s the bomb dot com.

To me it’s somewhat like RY4 Double. @Joel calls Soho RY4 for grownups. I tend to agree :+1:


What is the steep time for that mix? I mixed up Soho @ 10% and while it was okay, I didn’t think it was great as a stand alone. I added the Cream Fresh and Kettle Corn and it improved the Soho quite a bit. Still wonder how long you steep it.


Personally I like Soho at 12% single flavor. To me it’s KILLA right away and only slightly improves with steep. But I don’t steep it. Mix, vape till it’s gone, mix again. To each his own right? Oh yeah, I can vape straight Soho all day every day. It’s truly the only single flavor I’ve ever felt that way about.


What about Core’s mix? SnV or steep?


Couple of weeks more than enough for me. The KC tends to improve some with time.


@SmokyBlue (For all the assistance when I was lost, and my first DIY legend that responded back)
@et3rn1ty (Lightning Cannon)
@Kinnikinnick (Bounty of the Boba)
@Granger @Nixygirl @Draktyn92 @Lucky13, For assimilating one of my favorite juice lines, Way of the Dragon, dude yall cloned the whole dang thing! white buffalo echoes
@Shroomalistic, for reminding me that complex flavors can sometimes come from the simpliest of recipes (Frosted Flakes)
@RCVapes For the Vahalla Raid, to try new flavors, ones you didn’t think you’d like.


@VapeyMama, @Cutlass92 @CarolinaVapen, @SessionDrummer
@JoJo @Sprkslfly @daath @Cabrinha
Thanks for all the great conversations, laughs and discussions.

Thanks to everyone else for the great recipes, and interesting flavors.
Heres to 2018!


Thank you, I don’t usually have a whole lot to say about mixing or vaping but I definitely try to be good for a few laughs!


I come to the forum for vape and non vape alike, you def make things more interesting haha



Thank you. Always willing to pass on any info I have to help.


@SthrnMixer he has a recipe I always have on hand. Squires Bowl is simply define.

@Whiterose0818 for making the best damn devices on the planet. Which helps my juices taste that much better. Also being a tester of some of my liquids. Always tells it to me straight and no BS.

Same thing goes for @TheTinMan1. He has suffered even some of my screw ups, but somehow found them good. He has an odd palette. Thanks to you.

@woftam for keeping me in mind during a rough period in my life. I cannot thank you enough.

@Grubby for his help in typing up my early recipes. I have way too many ideas and liquids to write down.

@Kinnikinnick for the tobacco prowess. Definitely keeps me going.

@VapeyMama for her paleo stuff and inspiration. Her genuine character is something to behold. Smart as a whip too.

@Lolly for holding the Whiterose raffles and keeping us Degens in check. If that is ever possible. Lol.

If I missed anyone let me know.


Ha I’m glad this got revived. I started this because one person really pushed me out of my soft little comfort zone to explore other flavors. My husband is just now slowly starting to make my Tobacco recipes after a full year of ‘no I’m not buying or trying those flavors’. Actually, my view has changed since creating this thread, I look to every single person here for inspiration and help, and I have had help beyond what I thought was possible. You guys have been awesome.




i want to thank @Wayne_Walker for making me realize i could vape cheaper by DIY, to @daath for making this forum and @JoJo and @Ken_O_Where for keeping this site, to @Suomynona and @Sprkslfly for answering my questions and pointed me to Mooch, @MysticRose for all her notes, @Pro_Vapes, @Kinnikinnick, @Josephine_van_Rijn

you know what? I want to thank everyone in this forum for making it easier for me to start vaping and DIY ing.

I dont post much and mostly just lurk around here, but that is because almost every questions i have, there’s already an answer here somewhere, or someone would pointed out if it’s on another forum. I just need to find it. And the atmosphere in this forum is very friendly, not as intimidating as some other sites that i lurks on.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank you all. you all are the best, IMHO.