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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


Round: 6
Oct 27


I Like Internal battery mod and also like MTL tanks so this the perfect kit for me as its small have Quick charging and It looks amazing in silver color.


Round 6
Oct 27
Entry #2


I don’t have any mods with DNA chipsets and would love this Reuleaux for my first!:+1:t2:

Let’s get as many of us as we can to enter! @fidalgo_vapes @woftam @Lolly @Flavologist @Silhouette @robin


Round: 6
Oct 27


I Like Internal battery mod and this one has 5100mAh battery and looks great and it is also very compact for the battery Size this has.


Round 6
post # 1
@Mew has convinced me


Round 6
Post # 2


Round 6 #1
Still really want to try a dna mod


Round 6 #2
Sexy looking dna mod…must try :grin:


Round 6 #1

Still need some vgod in my life !


Congratz @Silhouette :tada::grinning: and thank you for the give away @Heaven_Gifts


Round 6 #2

I just need this one :laughing:

@DaveDave thx for the headsup !


Thanks for the tag! Hey didn’t you tag me? I demand you put my tag back!
I am currently in a life crisis of ginamic proportions that started in September of this year that had and still has me at the point of being homeless starving and destitute. My income since September 19 has been a total of $300.00. I have no job, no cash on hand, and a half tank of gas. Starting today by the grace of GOD my wife and I have food stamps and a full pantry so we will not starve. Because of the good morals of a few I still have a roof over our head and power (and internet) turned on. I have several burnable belongings and a fireplace so I might not go cold. I will still be here watching at least from a lurking alien standpoint while I give my crisis my undivided attention. I will prob not enter many contests until I can resolve my life issues, but feel free to tag me in my absence. I hope that you will pray for the morals of the world and that no human being should ever go through the trials and tribulations that my family and I has had to withstand. I wish I could tell you all the details of my tribulations but there is a case pending, and I cannot discuss it.

Thank all the vendors that make these contests possible.
I am grateful to have won hundreds of dollars worth of vape gear and accessories.

And thank all my brothers and sisters, fellow vapers and mixers.

Absent from ELR and life in general as we know it

Oct 26th Round 6 #1
I want to try Escribe and see the performance of a DNA device.


Oct 26th Round 6 #2
I don’t have a squonking mod or RDA. I want to try it very badly. I have a feeling I will like it.


That’s terrible news man! Hope things get worked out and quick.
Isn’t there some way we can help ?
@Jojo, can we start something up for @ CosmicTruth ? Didn’t another member have something similar a few years back, and lots of people helped out ?


10/26 round 6 post 1 Iv never had a DNA mod so would love to try this https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Think-Vape-Finder-250W-DNA250-MOD.html
Thanks @DaveDave for the tag


10/26 Round 6 Another DNA mod iv never had one and really want to try one https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Think-Vape-Finder-167W-DNA250-TC-MOD.html


Round 6 #1 Oct. 26th

This looks amazing!


Round 6 #2 Oct. 26th
I need a DNA mod…


Round #6
Post 1
Nice looking mod, love to try it… still


Round #6
Post 2
would like to try a standard model…


round 6, oct 27, #1

that color and style looks very limited