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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


round 6, oct 27, #2
i like the design, shape and DNA mod


round 6 post #1
really want one of these
@DaveDave @Jenny1978 @Ken_O_Where @TheTinMan1 @woftam @jhmiller


Round #6
Post #1

I would love an RDTA as I don’t have one yet, and I really like to rebuild myself.


Round #6
Post #2

Would also love a mechanical mod, to change from regulated ones!


Round #6
Post #1
Really starting to get into rechargeable devices as I can only charge six batteries at a time.
@DaveDave thank you for tagging and reminding me to enter!


Round #6
Post #2
Squonkity squonk squonk…haven’t tried one yet, but this would solve my only (and minor) reservation with dripping/RDAs…
Ditto on thanks to @DaveDave


Round 6 Oct 27
Post #1


It just looks classy with its simplicity. And the Antique Copper one is :heart_eyes:


Round 6 27 Oct
Post #2

Looks snazzy, shape that will feel comfortable when holding it.

@tbt127 @Joel5 @R113


Round 6, #1
Burgundy Evic Dual…


Round 6, #2
Or Orange Evic VTwo


Round 6, #1

I like the dimensions of this.


Round 6

Heard good things about DNA mods but never owned one


Round 6

Another DNA mod that I really want!


Roinf 6 post 1
I would love this Mod. The colorful resin is beautiful!


Congratulations @Silhouette! :tada: I am so happy you won!! :smiley:


I also really like the features of this kit. I am using a Smok Mod now and love it!! I think this kit would be great to have!!



We need just 9 more people to post twice and then we’ve made it so who’s in.

I’m struggling to find some people who haven’t been tagged yet. (At least in this round, I’m not going through all the posts :slightly_smiling_face:)

@DoY @Pattie @Leilani @DarthVapor @d_fabes @Silverlock @Beaufort_Batches @Mikser @BoDarc @GPC2012


Round 6
Post #1
I normally don’t jump into the contest pool, but since the invite was from one of my favorite ELR posters, and fellow Tobacco Head, @Josephine_van_Rijn, I’ll make an exception and try and help move things along to the finish line.


Ive had excellent luck with Joytech gear, so far. I prefer single 18650 mods, and have heard good things about the Primo. Would enjoy trying one out.


Round 6
Post #2
I have to stick with the single 18650 Primo, the SE version.




Looks totally slick I would give it a home



and because i am a mod killer on occasion.