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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Smoant Special--9/20


The year 2018 is our 11th year since when we are found. It is our 3rd time doing this online celebration. Heaven Gifts Anniversary is not only a ritual that celebrates the progress we made, moreover, it is a vaping feast that returns the supports and favor our clients, partners, community members have done for Heaven Gifts.

Unlike previous year celebration, we’re doing a bit different. For the next coming days, we divide the massive contest into a few parts. Each part differs from others. We hope and wish all of you people enjoy this once a year online e-cigarette carnival.

Today’s part is about Smoant, we plan to give away some products from Smoant below as prizes:

  1. Smoant Charon Mini Kit
  2. Smoant Campbel Kit
  3. Smoant Naboo Kit

However, you have to “earn” them with your entries. To enter:

Comment anything about “Vaping” or “Smoant”,

When the number of entries reaches 30, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit

When the number of entries reaches 60, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit and 1 x Smoant Naboo Kit

When the number of entries reaches 90, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit, 1 x Smoant Naboo Kit and 1 x Smoant Charon Mini Kit

1.We will pick the lucky winners via random.org on September 20, 2018. Each winner will get 1 prize.
2.Each participant can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1

------------------Special Thanks to Smoant------------------

Smoant is an integrative high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production, development, research and marketing of sub-ohm tanks and advanced personal vaporizer. The company’s main goal is to satisfy different vapers with innovation, quality and services. Smoant also believes that as being one vaping community, everyone has to work together to create a healthy living environment.
As Smoant says: This is Smoant, always chases great hopes!


Has anyone checked this thing out? You can supposedly VAPE SODA OR POP OR COKE depending on where you are from.

Am I crazy or are they crazy? Probably both because I am gonna get that thing and vape a POP. anyone from the Mid West or more specifically Michigan and I think Northern Ohio and perhaps Wisconsin.

In Texas we call it a Coke even if its Mr Pibb (yuck)



I think this is the one that our friend @Sprkslfly reviewed? If the clock is always correct and not just two times a day then I am all about it.



I like Smoant products but campbell is a bit ridicolous



Both Charon and Naboo are kits I won’t mind owning :slight_smile:



Vaping saved my live. Should I say anything more about it! :smiley:



I don’t know about y’all but I personally don’t need a mod that plays music. I rarely listen to music any more anyway. Definatly not the radio. They have been playing the same sh!t for over fourty years now. Boring…



The screen on the Naboo is pretty awesome (don’t care for music mode tho)



This is actually a fun giveaway. Kinda exciting eh?

@CosmicTruth @HVPGH @Lisa2



In all honesty, Charon Mini is the one I would like to win, but I have a feeling @Pikachu is getting this one as well :smiley:

Adary over an out



Smoant makes a decent Mod. @adary @Pikachu might win at least one more then it will roll around. I am hoping for myself. I want that one that vapes Soda.

  1. Never have a smoant product ever. Not because I hate it, just already happy with my current setup.

  1. That Campbell though… why? Interesting concept for sure.

  1. I’ve borrowed a Charon a few times. Not the mini though. That was good.

  1. Happy Anniversary @Heaven_Gifts and thank you smoant

  1. I’m done here. @Pikachu is on a roll recently. Nice going! oh yeah, smoant.


Not owned any Smoant products yet :wink: but I do like the look of
their dual battery mods.



The Cambel is a very interesting device, I take it that you don’t vape the soda but it’s more like a hookah, where the vapor travels through the soda to the chimney?


I like both the Smoant Naboo Kit and the Smoant Charon Mini Kit, nice size screens, dual battery and for me personally, a centered 510.


Happy 11th Anniversary @Heaven_Gifts and thank you for all you do here at ELR :heart: