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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Smoant Special--9/20



One interesting device and two great dual battery mod kits from our friends @Heaven_Gifts
@Josephine_van_Rijn @tbt127 @Mew @VladVlad @Mark_Turner


#1 I like Smoant and think they make some excellent products.


#2 But the campbell kit is a bit on the ridiculous side :wink:


#3 Smoking almost killed me and vaping made me stop smoke.


#4 Happy 11th Anniversary @Heaven_Gifts and also thank you for all the giveaways you do.


#5 I really like making my own e-juice.



I own the Smoant Battlestar :+1:



And the Smoant Cylon too :+1:



I don’t have the Charon but I would like to win it.


#1. Loved my Smoant Cylon



I think Smoant makes very good products but I’m not happy with the trend of sticking things on mods that have nothing to do with vaping, like a music box.

edit; seeing @Mark_Turner’s post below I realise I do indeed have the Smoant Ranker too and then they say there’s no such thing as having too much vapegear :sweat_smile:


#2. Vaping saved my life!!



That sounds like it died or you don’t love it anymore :grinning:

I love to vape but right now I’m in dire need of a new mouse cause the only one I have that still works is playing up and gives me a headache.

Maybe they can come up with a mod that you can use as a mouse?:computer_mouse: :mouse2::mouse2:


#3. Vaping helped me quit smoking!


#4 Vaping smells better!!


#5. I really like the looks of the Naboo.


1) I am only familiar with the Smoant Ranker. I was gifted the device in an earlier giveaway. It is very nice with a oversized Fire bar.

  1. Really like the form factor of the Smoant Naboo a lot

  1. The Smoant Campbel, meh… first look not such a fan :smile:
    Anyone else remember the Itaste VTR (personal defense mod). That thing was a brick! Weighed the same as a brick, functioned much like a brick.

  1. Happy Anniversary @Heaven_Gifts :tada:
    Here’s to many more :point_up:image