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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Smoant Special--9/20

  1. Hopefully we can all live with the forthcoming trade tariffs.


I have a Smoant Battlestar, definitely love the thing, its not real pocket friendly but a beautiful desk mod.

  1. Hello Smoant and hello @Heaven_Gifts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. So much surprises for your birthday @Heaven_Gifts . You guys are awesome :muscle::muscle::+1:

  1. Smoant Campbel Kit
    Juices and soft drinks? Where is beer? :rofl:

  1. Smoant Naboo is really nice :heart_eyes:

  1. Smoant Charon Mini also nice one :heart_eyes:

  1. I like vaping.

  1. I am vaping.

  1. I like Smoant, only hear good things from them.

  1. Regret choosing Sigelei over Smoant one time.

  1. Happy anniversary Heaven Gifts.

  1. always loved amount for their mods.

  1. The Smoant Campbel, really? This isn’t innovative it’s the last garbage. you should be ashamed of yourself, what does this have to do with vaping? Oh right absolute nothing.

  1. Guess the smoant charon was the last device I ever purchased, I’ll be sticking with brands that actually stick with innovative design

  1. happy anniversary heaven gifts.


I like the Smoant Charon Mini Kit


Nice device Smoant Battlestar Mini 80W TC Box MOD


Smoant Battlestar 200W is one of my lovest mods.


Post 1. Comment about vaping. I love vape giveaways.