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HeavenGifts 300w Hyper Mods Roundtable Discussion and Contest


No. Not really. At one time I tried 150W in a dripper with a coil that I built for it. It was fun, but that’s not my jam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a SMOK H-Priv 220W. It’s running at 75W at the moment…

The SMOK GX350 primarily because it looks like it looks the most ergonomic…

Organic cotton 98% of the time. Rayon for the rest.

@DarthVapor and @LordVapor because I miss having them around :slight_smile:


Aww, I miss you too pookie :kissing_heart:


I don’t think there’s a need, but there is definitely a demand for them. It’s a “because we can” kind of thing.

315W, the iJoy Maxo.

Wismec has a bad reputation due to its 510 connections, iJoy seems to have the right idea but rushes gear out to be able to compete, VapeOnly is a smaller brand and seems to have borrowed the cheesegrater design… I’ll go with the Smok GX350. They also have purple, which is always a bonus.

Koh Gen Do most of the time, Rayon in RDTAs because it wicks quicker.

@Kalahariuk @Pugs1970

  1. Not for me, I use 40w maximum

  2. I own a 75w and 200w

  3. Smok GX love the look and small form factor

  4. Bacon cotton, Cotton Pads, Rayon

  5. @Maureeenie @r5ta @BoyHowdy @BoDarc @Josephine_van_Rijn @VapeyMama @Lolly


yes absolutely…In fact i cannot wait for my first 1kw mod…I’m getting on a bit and a mobile defibrillator could come in very useful…


2.Let us know the highest output power mod you have/had

My whiterose Lipo PWM mod, I don’t know what the power is but so far I haven’t had it past half way, I think it’s somewhere between a nuclear warhead and an actual Sun.


I believe it is just one post, could be wrong, rules not clear…


@Heaven_Gifts please verify rules.

Is it one answer per post


Answer all in one post?


Either the Wismec or the Vapeonly Hack…or the smok…or maybe even the Ijoy…do I have to pick one??..ok…erm…hmm…
The Wismec…although I don’t really mean it.


Thanks for the raffle @Heaven_Gifts
I never participate in these things, but I could use some luck lately, so fingers crossed!


Well I followed the advice of my peers and now use Bacon…it’s a bugger to get it through your coil and smells like burnt meat but, when I get to re wick I also get a tasty snack.
I’m not sure I’m doing it right…


@Kalahariuk @Grubby


hmm…don’t know…guess we’ll find out though :grin:


1.Do you think is there really necessary to have a 300w output power mod?
Yes even though I don’t vape that high, when you have a high power potential the power you use is of higher quality because you aren’t having to push your mod it can just glide along providing quality.


2.Let us know the highest output power mod you have/had
The highest power mod I have would have to technically be any of my mech’s under the right circumstances, but the hightest power regulated mod I have is my SMOK H PRIV


3.Among the 4 mods we listed above, which do you like? Why?
The SMOK GX350 My other SMOK mods have served me well. I believe in sticking with a brand when it is good


4.What kind of material are you using as your wick, cotton, rayon?


5.Tag 2 of your friends here.

@MisterSinner @Pugs1970 @mikelej14


Ah, sorry, we didn’t make it clear.
One answer per post or all in one post are both OK.
But one answer per post will increase the winning rate.:wink:


Not really but an advantage with these high wattage mods that uses 3 or 4 batteries is the longevity you get on the batteries when you vape on low wattage.