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HeavenGifts 300w Hyper Mods Roundtable Discussion and Contest


I got a Koopor Primus 300W


I must say the SMOK GX350 because of the form factor and the fact that SMOK has come out with some pretty good stuff 2016.


I have been really hooked on Kendo Gold Edition for a while now.


@BoyHowdy @redscaddy22 @tbt127


Winner Announcement

Dear all,

Thanks for your active participation and supports.

Congratulations to #8 Kalahariuk.

You are the third winner whos get our US$10 gift cards.
I will PM you the gift card code to you later. Please have a check.

Guys, share your opinions and win the gift cards. Good luck!


Congrats @Kalahariuk !!!


Wheeey! :gift: Congratulations to you, @Kalahariuk!


I wouldn’t go that high, but think the battery life for where I do vape would last a long time with one of these.
@rab @Pistora


I use cotton as wicking.
@yowilles @xbrand24


Congrats @Kalahariuk


1.Do you think is there really necessary to have a 300w output power mod?

No, I rarely go over 100W even with fancy coils.


2.Let us know the highest output power mod you have/had

I have two 200W mods - the RX200S and a Vaporesso 200W Tarot.


3.Among the 4 mods we listed above, which do you like? Why?

Im a fan of the iJoy EXO over the others, simply based on aesthetics and the offset screen.


4.What kind of material are you using as your wick, cotton, rayon?

Cotton, always cotton :slight_smile:


1.Do you think is there really necessary to have a 300w output power mod?
No not at all. At 200w everything I vape on tastes horrid pushing it to 300w it would tast 2x as bad.


Not really but then again I never thought I would be vaping at 100 watts or more. These mods will definitely future proof a lot of high wattage vapers.


I have a Triade DNA250, the highest wattage mod in my arsenal.


WOW, Thank you @Heaven_Gifts


I really like the Smok GX350, looks like the most comfortable to hold. These manufacturers need to release high powered mods to accommodate a 30mm tank without overhang though. If anyone of these did that then it would be my favorite.


Cotton, never tried rayon though, might try it this year.