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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win 200W IJOY RDTA Box & Enjoy 30% off Crazy Christmas Sale


Not an easy question but I like using my VC Piglet on my Triplesix Mister Tank RTA for a tasty fog that you can spin and knit into a sweater.

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Just checked out review, looks a nice piece of kit


For me it was the Smok Alien and the Coil Art Mage RTA. IJOY can try change my mind if they like :slight_smile:

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Ease of use. All about making products that make things easier. From starter kits to experienced setups, you will notice improvements in design to make things more foolproof and “just work”.

thanks @TheTinMan1


I like the large capacity the tank can hold, my step-daughter that only vapes one flavored juice would love this feature.
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My favorite mod of 2016 gotta be my Metal Moose stabwood mech mod and tank might be the Goon or Recoil.


The fact that it is dripper rdta kind of thing with a huge capacity tank.


I think we are going to see a lot more Mech mods coming out.


I have seen video reviews of it and the ones i liked best was Big Lou, Mike Vapes, Vaping Fagan


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2 I really like the huge juuce capacity!


3 The trend for 2017 will be all-in-one mods with huge watts.


Design, is something about it that is really nice, and color options


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Hurry up and good luck. :wink:

  1. What’s your favorite mod & tank setup in 2016?

Hard to beat the looks and performance of a triade with a tfv8 on it, but I’m digging the looks of some stabilized wood mods.


2 What features of the IJOY RDTA Box do you think is most appealing?

The large juice capacity is nice as well as the different decks. Plus it looks nice


3 What’s the development trend of vape products do you think in 2017?

I would like to see more atomizers coming with various deck options. Maybe more efficient boards, but it’ll probably trend towards bigger screens and brighter colors.


4 Have you watched any video reviews about IJOY RDTA Box? Which reviewer do you like most?

I’ve watched several reviews, but mostly just to see the device in action. I watch DJLsb Vapes to learn about a device,


My favorite mod would be the iStick 100TC, since I’m broke and it’s the only one I have at the moment lol. Favorite tank would have to be the OBS Engine.


I like the large capacity tank, as I’m one of those people that could vape the same thing all day.