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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win 200W IJOY RDTA Box & Enjoy 30% off Crazy Christmas Sale


Congrats @Kalahariuk

Every cloud and all that eh…


Congrats @Kalahariuk !!!


Congratulations Kalahariuk!


recount!!! recount!!!

Damn, Well done @kalahariuk bloody ripper mate


Congratulations @Kalahariuk


Well done @Kalahariuk, it couldn’t go to a nicer fella. congrats bro :thumbsup:


Congrats to you @Kalahariuk, it looks like the Universe listened to me when I said you could use a win :joy:


Thank you THANK you !! and THANKS even more to all my fab friends here with all your awesome kind messages, !!!


congrats @Kalahariuk :gift:


Whooooop! You totally deserve this win beaut! Orsum news :+1::kissing_heart:


I forgot, a big thank you to HeavenGifts too


yeah MASSIVE thanks to our friends at Heaven Gifts