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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win IJOY EXO Tank + Maxo Mod Combo for Ultimate Vaping Fun


IJOY really took much effort to improve their atomizer products. From Tornado Nano chip coil to Limitless series, all impressed us with great features. Now IJOY bring their EXO tank series, including EXO S, EXO X, EXO XL and EXO RTA. They all share a similar appearance but come with different tank sizes & minor features. Among them, the EXO RTA deserves special mention. It adopts the most innovative RTA design to ensure the ultimate vaping experience in every aspects; single and dual coil deck switchable; 2 tank size available in one package. Will this EXO tank series continue the good performance and reputation like their predecessor? Well, we need you to check it for yourself. And we thoughtfully paired one IJOY Maxo mod with it as a prize combo. So who will be the luckiest winner of this IJOY EXO+ Maxo combo?? Let’s see your passion!!

Reply any of the below rules to enter:

  1. Which type of EXO tanks do you prefer? Why?
  2. What wattage will you vape at when using this combo?
  3. Show us your RTA collection.
  4. Share IJOY EXO RTA on any of your social platforms & post the share link
  5. Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We will choose 1 winner to get this IJOY EXO + Maxo combo (EXO tank will be sent by random)
  2. We use random.org to select and announce winner on Jan 19, 2017.
  3. One answer per post, which means each participant can post 5 times at most.
  4. We require at least 30 participants.

----------------------------------About IJOY Maxo Mod & EXO Tank Series-----------------------

IJOY Maxo can be powered by 4 x 18650 batteries to reach to 315W watt or 2 x 18650 batteries to reach to 160W watt. The appearance can be customized with various leather stickers according to your tastes. Multiple temperature control settings and customizable TCR function available. And The upgradable firmware will always keep the Maxo Mod up to date. It seems this is an ‘almighty’ mod can handle many vaping needs.

IJOY EXO tank series include 4 types, EXO S, EXO X, EXO XL and EXO RTA. EXO S is 22mm in diameter with 3.2ml tank reservoir, supporting both MTL and direct lung vaping. EXO X is an enlarged version of EXO S, with 4.7ml juice capacity & 24.5mm diameter, featuring an improved juice flow control structure for you to enjoy more clouds and longer vaping time. EXO XL is an improved version on limitless XL, with 5ml large tank capacity & 26mm diameter; it adopts the same fantastic chip coil system, featuring an astounding working range of up to 215W, combined with 3 fully featured RTA decks: XL-1, XL-2, XL-2S. EXO RTA is 26mm in diameter, holds 2ml max of e-liquid but comes with an extending section to hold 6ml juice; both single and dual coil build deck available, producing fantastic flavor and vaping clouds.

  1. Which type of EXO tanks do you prefer? Why?

This one: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-EXO-XL-Sub-Ohm-Tank-Blue-Gold.html
That blue is mighty pretty…


New comp guys / gals!

@Pugs1970 @Lolly @r5ta @Kalahariuk @Josephine_van_Rijn @VapeyMama @BoDarc @MisterSinner @tbt127 @Fenrir1


Never had one so am unsure? They look alright from colours I like the Black and gold


I’ll aim for 40-55w I’d think, depends on my mood.


I’ll enter ths one tomorrow :slight_smile:


Only if you Show me yours first!!:blush:


@woftam @Fenrir1

  1. Which type of EXO tanks do you prefer? Why?
    Exo RTA for all the diff build decks and the extended juice capacity

  1. What wattage will you vape at when using this combo?
    Dunno depends on the build in it

  1. Tag 2 of your friends here.
    @Darth_Vaper1 @Kalahariuk

  1. What wattage will you vape at when using this combo?


  1. Show us your RTA collection.

  1. Tag 2 of your friends here.

@pugs1970 @kalahariuk @lolly @r5ta


The EXO S because I get bored with one juice pretty quickly so I like the smaller tanks.




I’d go with the Exo RTA for its build options.


Probably around 50w.


RTAs on the right side.


@BoyHowdy @robin