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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win IJOY EXO Tank + Maxo Mod Combo for Ultimate Vaping Fun


I would prefer the RTA tank because i prefer to build instead of using pre-made coils.


Maybe around 100-130 watts.


Don’t got that many since i’m not an RTA kind of guy. Very much prefer RDA’s.


@tbt127 @GPC2012 @mjag @BoyHowdy

  1. Which type of EXO tanks do you prefer? Why?
    The EXO RTA would be my choice the dual tanks makes it a winner

  1. What wattage will you vape at when using this combo?
    Probably between 50 and 75


Wow, that is a nice set up :smile:

  1. Show us your RTA collection
    the only one I have.

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tag two friends
@VapeyMama @Skullblade789 @TheTinMan1


And great moody lighting. Love the idea of storing your tanks in containers containers


Around 25W like usual.


I assume you meant me? Lol. Thanks but too lazy to bother today :wink:


I like the Black and gold XL…looks sweet :ok_hand:


Around 100w prob, but it’ll last aaages


@Kalahariuk @Grubby @Lolly


The EXO RTA because I like to build my own coils and this gives lots of options.


I usually vape between 60 and 80 watts. Higher depending on the build.


@Underanne @Josephine_van_Rijn

  1. Which type of EXO tanks do you prefer? Why?
    The IJOY EXO RTA in ss, I like building my own coils and like the ease of building on a velocity style deck. The single coil option and different glass sizes are also appealing.