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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win IJOY EXO Tank + Maxo Mod Combo for Ultimate Vaping Fun


2.What wattage will you vape at when using this combo?
Depends on the build, but probably between 74-100 watts


3.Show us your RTA collection.
Don’t have any right now, my friends “borrow” them. As long as they don’t go back to cigarettes, I’m fine with that. I have tried the obs engine, griffin 25, herakles 25, as well as a handful of genesis tanks back in the day.


4.Share IJOY EXO RTA on any of your social platforms & post the share link


EXO RTA sounds very interesting with the dual decks, very nice!


I generally vape between 65 and 100 watts, I am guessing 85 watts will be mighty tasty


@MysticRose @GPC2012


I like the EXO S best. Because it’s the only one of the 4 that is 22mm and I dislike the larger 24-26mm tanks that overhang my mods. Not nly is the overhang ugly, but it also causes it to be top heavy and tips the mod over more often.


Probably 40-50w as that is my usual sweet spot with .4 ohm coils.


This is it my Collection…lol… I only have 1 RTA, it’s that beautiful Aromamizer Supreme in the middle with the pink drip tip.




Thank you for the competition Heaven’s Gifts!

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This one: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/IJOY-EXO-RTA-Black.html

RTA because I don’t like to use stock coils I like to make coils which I prefer to use.


Probably between 40 to 55.


I haven’t got a camera atm so no picks but my favourite ones are the Goblin mini V3 and the Serpent mini.


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I like to be in around the 60 - 80w range


Video for IJOY EXO tank family:


Absolutely the RTAm I haven’t used a tank or bought prebuilt coils for months, I am a sucker for a good RTA


I can’t give a definitive answer until I have done a build, filled it with my ADV and moved the wattage up and down till I find the sweet spot !


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