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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win IJOY EXO Tank + Maxo Mod Combo for Ultimate Vaping Fun


http://bit.ly/2iFXW0S <---- Please click this IF YOU WANT TO (it is part of my entry to the comp on the HG site)
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My Moradin was the first tank, rdta or RTA that has ever come without a spare glass !!
and whaddya know, it’s the only one I have ever dropped !

I’ve only had it a week

Also, the moonshot … you can’t get spare O-rings for love nor money


it’s on my timeline


Serpent mini, engine and goblin mini v3




Hey, dr church. I’m interested in maybe purchasing any of those three tanks. What order would you rank them?


For great flavour without having to go into the whole clapton/fused clapton realm I would have to say the serpent. The flavour on the goblin with simple coils is awesome too. The engine needs a big build to hit awesome flavour but it’s leak proof. So it really depends on how and what you build


Ah the serpent. Lots of great reviews. Thanks, do you find you use that one most too


That’s all the rta’s I have apart from a crius lol, but yeah I do use those more than the engine. If you’re using fused claptons though I would go for the engine. You’ll use more juice and battery life but it really shines with bigger coils. I’ve never had even claptons in the serpent so I could only imagine how good it would be with those. You could get one of each lol

  1. The EXO RTA, as I like the freedom to build my own coils.


2- Between 50 and 150 watts depending upon the coil setup I have running.


Only have one RTA OBS Engine.



  1. I prefer the IJOY EXO RTA due to it being either 2 or 4ml and also rebuildable.

  1. 30-50 watts

  1. Don’t have RTA, only RDA

  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/TuanWicak/status/821838879137419264

  1. @Rupert @Pugs1970


Guys, this contest has ended.
I will announce the winner later.
Please stay tuned.:wink: