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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Joyetech Atopack Penguin, Experience New Coil System for Pure Flavor


I have never seen any animal associated e-cig product!


The 8.8ml juice capacity alone has got my interest :heart_eyes:. Bah humbug to 2ml tanks :rage:!


It’s interesting looking…but my wife would love it


My wife has an ego aio, she’s a big fan


I’ve seen many animal named products, but never a lookalike

  1. it looks very nice :slight_smile:
  2. cuboid 150w
  3. never…
  4. done, on twitter…


hugs Thank you for the sweet thought hon!
Good luck all!


Sort’ve yes. Sort’ve no. I like 8 ml of juice capacity. Looks kind’ve like a toaster, not a penguin.


eGo one Mega


Only custom mods


Shared on twitter.



No, this is the first one I’ve seen.
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@Mohok, you can split your post in 4 separate posts for more winning chances.


It looks comfortable for the hand and love the 8.8ml capacity. Wondering how well that new vertical coil design will work and if there is going to be sufficient airflow. The airflow intake looks pretty small.


My Evic VTC Mini. Works forever, quality build, functions offered are fantastic, user friendly features. Most reliable device I’ve had.


No, but I have seen some animal print designs or skins.

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Shared https://twitter.com/ttturbbo


@chux72vette Win a Atopack Penguin

  1. To new to know about the product line in general


2 Again I don’t really have a favorite yet


3 nope no critter looking devices.