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Help! Chubby Gorilla cleaning advise


Ok… so I have a few Chubby Gorilla 60ml bottles and I am really having a time getting the tip off to clean the dang thing… I’ve tried about everything to get this off what am I missing?? All my other bottles are no problem but these chubby’s look to be a single use… Hoping someone out there has found a trick and can help me out. Feel a bit stupid for letting a bottle get the best of me…uhhgg.


@SthrnMixer and @Norseman detailed some good methods in this thread.


Thank you so much will have a look… Did a search but didn’t see anything related to cleaning only buying…


As for cleaning - the PET material is very hard and not at all very porous, so you can actually clean them with hot water alone. I would not boil them or use boiling water. If your tap water is hot (too hot to hold your hand under) then that should be good enough. Fill them, shake them, rinse and repeat till you’re satisfied. Soak the drip tips.

Now I will say this - if you’re worried about contamination from minerals, etc in your water, then you could always boil it first and then let cool some, then use for a final rinse. I never do that myself and I ain’t dead yet :slight_smile:


I use a small set of Sewing Scissors to pry the needle tips out. They are fine bladed enough to get under the rim of the plug and lets me lever the tips out without damage.


@Ninatoad Take a wooden popsicle stick and carefully with a sharp knife (razor knife?) slice off the end at about 30 degrees to make a chisel edge. This sounds dangerous once but will be safer all future times. A slip while working with a wooden popsicle chisel is way less likely to send you to the ER for a couple stitches than a metal edge… but be extra careful with Step One (making the thing). Point the blade away from you when using a knife/razor and keep your fingers behind the cutting motion. A little wooden chisel is handy for LOTS of stuff where you don’t want to damage the work surface …or yourself :mask: Also a good excuse to go out and buy a box of Dove Bars


wait …wait How do you clean a Chubby Gorilla? Anyway he’ll let you! :smirk:


Truthfully I’m surprised it took this long for Gorilla comment cuz I was thinking all the ways this could go wrong…lol


Everyone thank you so much for your help… so gonna eat an ice cream and raid my hubbies tools and have a go at this crazy thing and will keep ya posted :grin:


I normally take a butter knife and pop them off. After that, I learned that they don’t need to be pushed all the way down to be fitted. If you leave a small space in there its alot easier to get the top off.


And the winner was…

With a towel to cover the tip that shot across the room :scream: for bottle #2,3&4 lol… but enjoyed my ice cream :grin:


Ok, so all this effort when it’s just so easy. Also, since I first posted this method I’ve found you don’t need to protect the threads, just use slow steady pressure on your pliers. You’re welcome :slight_smile:


ok ok You win @SthrnMixer …so smart, but my little popsicle chisel can go right in your pencil cup for next time :wink: As a collector of vintage tools those red pliers are like tool porn, but I ain’t popping them in my pencil cup to be handy :grinning:

wait …wait How do you pop a Gorilla top? …Toss her some Mardi Gras beads?

ok I’m done :no_mouth:


I stole my exwife’s jewelry making tool kit. Lot’s of very handy miniatures that lend themselves to vaping use.


You mean borrowed without any intention to permanently deprive your ex of said jewellery making kit. Having the full intention of returning it to your ex should you ever be reminded that it was in fact in your possession.:laughing:


that is absolutely correct, your honor!


Instead of dealing with cleaning bottles and making popsicle stick shanks, can I just have a dove bar?


Here ya go. Wait maybe this isn’t the Dove bar your after.

This one ??


@Bob_Bitchen or maybe a bar called the dove


OMG, is dove soap the same thing as a Dove ice cream bar, just without the chocolate?