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Help Me Name This Dog


Such a cutey! That haircut really makes a difference. Very cool.

You are making me want a pet with this thread!


I will tell Lilly you all love her. She grew up here on ELR so … you know she’s everyone’s doggie here!

New puppies make stress though, just saying. Here’s the best shot I got of her yesterday, she’s a Diva:


She acts like a muppet lol.


Beautiful poochie :blush:🖒


She looks like one of those really soft teddy bears you get from Cracker Barrel. I am petting my monitor. But it just isn’t the same darn it.


She is very soft. I don’t know, maybe you really do need a dog!


What kills me with this dog is her silly eyelashes. I want to put mascara on them.


Aww, she is so beautiful! Those lashes though… :heart_eyes:


It’s March 17, why is this happening to me?