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Help Me Name This Dog


@Maureeenie Hallmark called they are looking for their next new puppy model …I’ll have my people call your people …I get 15% (j/k) :grinning:


I agree Lilly would make a fine model.They would also be wise to get @Maureeenie to do the photography. Those pictures are simply stunning and surpass the majority of the ones I have seen on cards!:grinning:


You are all too kind :slight_smile: Thank you.

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I am now 35 pounds.


Oooh! She looks so soft and fluffy! What a peaceful picture! :heart:


Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! :smiley::heart_eyes:


Peaceful? Ha! This is Miss Naughty Pants.


Why do you think you guys haven’t see me around much? She’s only 16 weeks old and has more than tripled her size. I will show you one more picture…


ripping head off all toys.


That just made me LOL :joy:


She’s is such a poker face. She looks at everyone like she’s just the sweetest little fluff ball on earth and then she gets her teeth into of the bottom of your coat and tries to drag you across the room.


Oh… and she stole my good wool socks this morning. She hid them under a branch in the back yard.


You must be mistaken , look at that face…she could never do such atrocities! I am sure it was the neighbors cat…:smiley_cat::scream_cat:


It could have been my cats. They go missing a lot. I think they can teleport since I never let them outside.


I know… that face. NOT the cat!


If you want to be a jerk.
How about bathy?
Their fur resembles a bathroom rug to me.

Oops didn’t see the post date, disregard pls.


Lilly update: I just had my first hair cut. As you can see, I am all that and a side of fries.


She’s almost too cute to be real! Are you sure she’s not a muppet? :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous girl! :heart_eyes: