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Help Me Name This Dog


Totally was thinking Teddy !!!


My husband and I are addicted to a Swedish crime series called “Beck”. We have all the books in the series as well. We love the culture and the show. We’ve been scouring through the names of women in the series but… we can’t agree on one.


That’s two of us now @Maureeenie :smiley:


We will narrow it down to 5 names before we pick her up… and then see which one fits.


Maybe she could be double-barrelled so you both get to pick a name?

Quickly googled Beck…how about Eva but the Irish way Aoife, which apparently means ‘beauty’ :heart_eyes:


That’s not a bad idea. My husband is a “trendy” guy. I’m a very dry sarcastic person who “gives not a shite what others think”… (except for that whole dog abuse issue of course) So the Jury is out on the name for me… Buttah sounded kind of fun…but yelling that across the back yard? I’m not sure my dog would think that was very dignified…(lol, worried about the dog’s self image)




How about stuffy bear or stephie bear


Or a moniker my CK is for Chocolate Karamel

Yeah yeah I know it’s spelled wrong.

But as you can see it’s like chocolate over Karamel Notice the silly overbite on the left side, she gaining a few years and Chihuahua’s are notorious for bad teeth they stick out cause she doesn’t have the top ones near them.


Kinda like a cocktail, like a black and tan? Hmmmm…


How about Tres Duveteux and call her TD. It means so fuffy in French more or less.


And this is Coco, Grandma to CK and Lil Bit. and mom to Oso, and my dear departed Cappi (short for cappuccino)

We lost him to parvo when the dumb ass friend brought her dog their cousin over to see them when the last sitter we had when they were less than two months old and carried parvo into our house. I was so upset.


So Fluffe’ ? Pronounced " Sew Fluff Fey"…

Nawww…He would never let me do that, not in a million years!


I’d go for TD short for Tre Duveteux


Que Perro Means "What Dog"in Spanish.


How many Chihuahua’s do you have? They are great dogs. I had one. Her name was Peanut.

Funny/Not Funny story about Peanut. She came pre-loaded from the breeder full of puppies. The breeder didn’t tell me and then they just… left town. So Peanut got fat and I took her to the vet and she had to have a C-Section like some over bred Chihuahua’s have to do. She was knocked out when they were born so she tried to kill the puppies because she didn’t know they were hers… so I spent the next 6 weeks feeding little mouse puppies with an eye dropper and had to find a new house for Peanut.


We have 4, the oldest is 14 the youngest is 11 Over the next 5 to 9 Years I’m not looking forward to what is around he corner.


I had to put my Wheaton down in 2009, he was having seizures. His name was Philo. I will let you know when I get over it… which will be never.


We had one little guy that was born with a cleft palate and coco disowned him we tried to feed him but it just wasn’t working My wife took him to the vet and he explained the issue, and put Hooch out of his misery. My wife almost couldn’t drive home she was crying so hard. Both over losing him and over what was wrong with him.


Name her Cleito…because she is Aspire-ing…