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Help Me Name This Dog


Oh I get it.


That’s a good one but… I’m using Smok tanks now. (Ha!)


Boy I been there. Wifey had a cat named prema when we met. We lost her two years ago to colon cancer we miss her so much I’m starting to want a new kitten wifey isn’t quite ready yet and I get it.


Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are that’s funny


Took me almost 3 years… my husband had a cat that lived to 22. That was not a good day when he lost that cat. He will not even consider ever getting another cat.


Before I started this thread we were considering these names:







The only one he is even considering is Doris… which is why I need help.


Family cat gotten in southern Utah when I was three. Lived there, then Granger Utah (next door to SLC), then to Twin Falls Idaho, I stayed there went with parents to Walden Co. From there they dropped her off with my brother in AZ. She passed when I was 27 Yep 24 years and all over the western US that silly cat lived. Hey her name would work for your dog her name was Ruffle. I used to say she would ruffle me all up (scratch) so the name stuck.


I think @Pugs1970 had a nice one - Joy. And I can second Teddie. :relaxed:


His cat was named Ash. I swear he was more attached to the cat than he was to his own mother but he got her in college.


Hah…that is too funny because I just got a kitten, he is now almost three months old, but that is his name…Tater Tot!!!


It’s the right color!


I am sure you will find a beautiful name that fits, because she is gonna be just that…beautiful…maybe research how you say beautiful in different languages and something might sound good! Personally I really like Bella…


Haha, she doesn’t seem to have much of a 'Doris" about her…what about Dottie?


My best friend’s grand daughter is named Bella. I love that name but we have to avoid naming her the same name of anyone we know. We actually wanted to name our old dog Steve, but that’s another friends name.

Thought Steve was a great name for a dog… or Keith. Unique for a dog and funny.


That has a very happy sound to it!


Doris isn’t that bad of a name :grinning:
Many times I have had to rename pets after a few days as most of the times they name themselves , it doesn’t take long to find something that fits.
Here are a few of the more popular names these days.





We actually talked about Stella. He likes Doris too… but I’m not sure she will look like a Doris lol… Our friends just rescued a dog that had been hit by a car. They named it Crash. He actually looks like a Crash, no damage but scars on his fur that will never grow back. They should have named it “Lucky”.


That is very cool… hmmm…yelling the name of an Egyptian Princess across the yard?

I think that could fit her but around the house I’m usually dressed in a somewhat “People of Wal-Mart” fashion and I think my snarky biotech engineer neighbor would choke laughing and I could potentially end up on youtube.


I think Saoirse is a nice name, it means freedom in Irish. My black lab Stevie Ray Dog agrees.