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Help Me Name This Dog


Does he have Ray Ban’s? Please tell me he has Ray Ban’s.


Only in the 2 weeks of summer we get here.


Easy on the “engineer” reference, eh?..and…
I would watch that video. :smile_cat:


Love it!!!


And that’s exactly why I cant name the dog after an Egyptian Princess :slight_smile:


Lunch was my Cat’s name, When I got him we had 5 dogs so I called him Lunch,
he had the last laugh though, he ruled those dogs with an iron claw !


you may use one of my Pets’ names, which are:-
Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust)
Lady (Lady Stardust)
Tommy (Major Tom)
Genie (Jean Genie)
Blue Jean
Spaceboy (Hello Spaceboy)
Thursday (Thursday’s Child)
Cygnet (Cygnet Committee)
Moonage (Moonage Daydream)
Sandy (Quicksand)
Rebel (Rebel Rebel)
Little Wonder
China Girl
Aladdin (Aladdin Sane)
Diamond (Diamond Dog)
Velvet (Velvet Goldmine)


Gotta love a Bowie theme! :+1:


Adopted a cat name ET that came from a home of 4 dogs, they ended naming him ET (Edible Target) till they found him a safe home. He was a house cat though I tried to get him to go out side and he would just bolt back in. So one day I figured I’d toss him out on the patio and give me a few seconds to get the door shut. I swear the cat almost turned inside out getting turned around mid air and went up my arm over my shoulder and back in the house. I had about 20 scratches up my arm and down the top of my shoulder. Now I’m slightly allergic to cats and the only thing that really bothers me is if I rub my eyes after touching one or get you guessed it scratched. I itched and burned for two days over that little stunt, but still laugh about it 25 years later.


How do you do it? I hope a few are goldfish?


LOL, no, They are all Finches, and they fly around the bedroom all day :slight_smile:
( sigh … in answer to the next question, no, they only poo where they perch and there are poo catchers under their two perches)


We have two office budgies…totally need a poo catcher for under their perch!


My mother was a bird person. We always had a pair of parakeets in the house. My sister had a cockatoo, he was quite a boisterous fellow as I recall. I like birds, but they don’t like me. My sisters cockatoo bit me and that was kind of the end of it for me and the birds…except for the ones I feed in the back yard in the winter of course :slight_smile:


Yeah be nice to those engineers, they are a hard working bunch.


How about Alexis you can call her “Lexi”, or maybe Brandi


No comment :joy:


Could name her wench and call her wenchy, oh no that won’t do, Vapey Mama would get confused. lmao


Those are both great names! Especially Brandi. Lexi is the name of my ex-brother in laws brother. (Short for Alexander)

Coincidentally or not, Brandi is the name of just about every Golden Retriever I’ve ever known in a 20 mile radius of here. A very popular name!


Wenche I think is a Norwegian name I think? Is that right?



But But But it’s so much fun to pick on Ozo