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Help Me Name This Dog


I recently took a liberal arts class where I read several texts from ancient times and I cannot get the names out of my head, maybe you will like one of them…

Cassandra (from Agamemnon written by Aeschylus)
Calypso (goddess from Homer’s Odyssey)
Athena (goddess from Homer’s Odyssey)
Circe (goddess, pronounced Serk-see, also from Homer’s Odyssey)
Penelope (mortal wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey)

I really like the name Calypso for such a beautiful dog! But I think Athena, Circe, and Penelope are also really good names for a dog. Not so sure about Cassandra, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to throw it out there!!!


Thats not a lassie dog,i watched lassie on tv when i was a kid(long time ago i know)and that wasnt the dog they used.maybe i need glasses.


@Newbstar - I’m pretty sure @BoyHowdy is referring to the puppy’s gender not breed lol


lassie ‎(plural lassies)

A young girl, a lass.


Ah rite as in a wee lassie,im yorkshire so thats my excuse.


Lol yeh i get it,more coffee still required me thinks.


She looks like a lucy to me.


Ya, just call her ‘Stripper’.


She’ll grow up to be too big to be a “lapdog” :wink:

I second “Penelope” Penny for short and Penelope for when she has Penelopeed on the carpet


Penelope is super cool. That is a definite possibility. You guys are all coming up with great names!

You guys also got me thinking - we all fix our dogs now unless we are going to breed them, right? So honestly I’m not sure about how much the female/male issue comes into play once it’s fixed.

This is going to sound awful but after having a severely “alpha” oriented dog for 7 years and all the problems I had with Klyde, (love him though I did) I want this new dog to be “Obedient” and “Calm”… but those are terrible names for a dog lol…


When I saw that first pic, I thought ‘Lamb’

Lambie would be a cute name and seems relatively ‘calming’

the song is ringing in my head now… 'Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…'


Lol…my sister has a “Burma Doodle” Its a cross between a standard poodle and a Burmese Mountain Dog. They named her Lola. I always associate that name with the song from the 70’s (and all the innuendo that comes with that name)

One of the names we had considered was Lolly, like Turtle Man’s dog because I just love that name… but I don’t want to name her after someone on this site and offend her either :slight_smile:

My sisters dog is jet black with curly hair and long legged. The dog is huge and skinny like a Great Dane. She doesn’t walk, she kind of swaggers like a pirate and the dog looks like a Lola! They paid a mint for that dog but in my opinion, it was worth it because the dog is a one in a million behavior perfect animal. (A giant sweet baby)

This dog we will be getting should end up around 82 pounds.This breed is supposed to be very laid back and part of the reason we are going through all of this hassle. This may be my last dog :slight_smile:


Lambie, that’s what my mother used to call babies. Her little Lambie’s. (awww… little tear)


Coooooool! :grin:


You would be ok with that? Oh wow… if you are ok with it, it goes to the top of the list. I love that name!


Totally okay with that! I would love it in fact! And on a technicality I’m a Laura on my birth cert where as the new puppy would be an official Lolly! :heart_eyes:


My sister would fall over if I showed up with a white dog that looks like her dog named Lolly. It would be like the reverse dog of her dog. Ha!


Haven’t read every post so i don’t know if someone said it already.

Curly is my proposal due to the fur on that dog.


Curly is awesome!


Big girls can lap-dance…Lucy did…as does Emma.