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Help Me Name This Dog


So when do we get to fiind out the name?


Just had to upload Dougal anyway, cos he is awesome ! :slight_smile:


Lol oh im liking that,imagine if your dog looked like that.coolest dog on the block.


Also that does look a bit like that dog,or do i still need glasses?


NO… the video I wanna see is YOU with a 3 legged Mountain Lion in your lap! (that’s 4 yeses from the Judges :wink: ) Sorry to make fun but know that I know :broken_heart:


Clapton and Muji are actually pretty good.


this is what i thought, so i searched for ‘beige sheep’ in another language, as it turns out Swedish have a very beautiful translation of beige sheep

its ‘beige sheep’

go figure :confused:


Well since I haven’t seen a list or a name I’m gonna sugges
meaning that’s life. Since you are giving her life more or less. @Maureeenie


Swedish is a beautiful language. lmao


hey @Pugs1970 how about ball of fun

boll av roliga


Sounds more like somethin akin to ebola or some such disease


Caramella or custard


My husband keeps calling her “Your Fluff Ball”… he’s gonna have to stop that. Carmella would make him happy, he was a big Soprano’s fan.


I will be “keeping” her alive but you never know might be the other way around!

Our other dog had such a predator drive my husband and son used to give the dog a bone and then look across the room and say… “Now he’ll eat me last”.




I’ll throw in what every dog loves to hear
but then you will need to name the rewards something like Spot


Yea, I can see it now. Dogs on the couch and you want to sit down and so you yell…Busta, Move!


How about Reeba? That’s A beer spelled backwards…Stacy Yo can call him stay for short…Then you can yell “Come Stay!”

Here are my 2.they are litter mates…Brothers…Abbot and Costello.Abbots Black and Costello’s Yellow.
REX ain’t bad


hmmmm…what comes to mind is:

Desdemona (Don’t ask, I don’t know)


My wife and I like to let our pets name themselves. They will eventually do something, or just make us think of a word.

We got two Calico kittens, and after a few minutes of play my wife said that they looked like a couple of clowns. They got named Barnum and Bailey.

One kitten ran across the room, flew through the air, tackled his brother and rolled into a standing position. Since we were watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, he got named Jean-Claude Van Cat. We called him JC.

We lost a cat, and the very next day we got a call from a breeder who knew that my wife was interested in a white Bengal. My wife remarked that the phone call was karma - and that cat got named Karma before we had even seen her. She is a big, solid cat, and at 4 months of age she was bigger than 4 of our full-grown cats. Her nickname is Moose.

One kitten liked to annoy the hell of out all the other cats. He bugged them non-stop. He got named Bugsy.

Another kitten was a holy terror and was a whirlwind of mayhem. My wife wanted to call him Havoc, and I immediately called him Major Havoc after a 1980s video game that I love. We generally called him Major.

One kitten we had was the runt of the litter, and he got named Midget. Years later we got another cat who was even smaller, and he got named Little Bits.