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Help trying to make sweetener base


Ok i want to try to make a stone with Erythritol Solution and LS pyure id like to make 10ml and have the Erythritol 80% and the LS pyure 20% the Erythritol is VG based so how would i enter this into calculator help please and ty

@Sprkslfly @woftam @Ken_O_Where

or anyone else


This is above my pay grade, good sir. And it sounds like some mathing may be involved so ill just go ahead and duck out now as to not make a fool of myself. :slight_smile:


ty inwas just going to take 8ml of Erythritol and 2ml of the LS pyure but id like to use it as a percentage


I would list it as VG - you will only be using about 1% in a mix so in a 100ml mix you would be .2 ml out on your vg/pg ratio not really much to worry about imo


ok thats what i was thinking but how do i add this as a stone and into my flave stash ? i tried and it didnt look right


Is that what your were after mate?


if anyone is wondering why im doing this ill explain real quick , Erythritol isnt sweet enough but i love how it doesnt change anything and there is zero aftertaste , the LS pyure has a bad aftertaste imo like sucralose etc so im hoping the LS pyure will sweeten up the erythritol and the erythritol will make the tone the aftertaste down on the pyure


yes except my LS pyure isnt pg based i think i have it listed under other should i keep it kike that then after stone is i. my stash list it as VG ?


i didnt hit the max VG lol


Yup I do exactly the same but use a 25/75 ratio - when i put a stone in my rec i use *** so i can find them easier i then just add it as if it was a flavour.


nice are you finding it works well does the Erythrotol tone down the pyure after tatse


curious if you have ever tried monk fruit extract? it will not burn like other sweeteners and is very potent with no flavor either. can get this from NN as well. just a thought brother


Ya i am not sure what the pyure base is - i have a stone that i make that @chewy made up as a result mine is pg (for the most part).

Yup it works for me and have been doing it for quite some time - no aftertaste that i can taste.


thank you , i havent and i was trying to remember that name today lol and couldnt find anything like it , becuase i didnt look at NN lol , i wiuld like to try that i feel a few of my recipes could use a touch of sweetener where MM doesnt do enough but i cant stand the after taste i get from most sweeteners and like i said ERythritol isnt sweet enough until im up in the 1.5 to 2pct range


which apple cider vinegar ( bragg) ??? is this more for the fruit mixes


I just got a Aussie brand can’t recall the name - it works in all the mixes i have used it in if you look on the pyure bottle it has apple cider vinegar & citric acid listed.



thats the exact LS pyure i have


I got reb a powder which is the stevia part of chewy’s clone. I got about 50g which is enough for a lifetime of juice.


oh i see ty for the help


#woftlam could Distilled White Vinegar be used to brighten up only fruits ?