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Help with coil wire


Not being an advanced coiler, I need a little help with the different wire types that are available. What I’ve been using is exclusively kanthal and having just learned to do claptons, I’ve been using 24g wrapped with twisted 32g and love it. I recently received a small amount of SS 316L 24g and the flavor is outstanding with a basic coil.

The hardware I’m using is an istick 50w and a Smok M80+ (V6). The RDAs are Mutation X V3, Doge V2, Plume Veil V1.5, Lancia, Veritas and Dark Horse V2. I usually vape at .3 to .5 ohm single coil.

So Vapor Masters, what are the best wires and coils to use with the equipment I have? I seek guidance and enlightenment, but please keep it simple as I am merely a lowly padawan.

I am new to rebuilding and want to know what wire is best to use

You could try some fused claptons.

2 cores with your over wrap.

You could try SS Clapton with a kanthal Clapton in parallel.

Fused Clapton with SS Clapton.

Clapton in parallel with twisted kanthal.

My personal favourite.
26 and 28 kanthal twisted together about 12" long.

Cut 2x 6" pieces and put them together and make a fused Clapton but with the twisted kanthal, over wrapped with the 32 or 36 to fuse it together.

Mounted in parallel with the SS Clapton.

Just a few ideas for you.

You may want to look into drilling out your post holes especially on the PV.



Thanks for the advice Jon. Lately I’ve been drill-happy. I drilled out my Nautilus base and it’s a whole new tank. Still restrictive but 100% better with two 3mm holes in it.


Which wire type should I purchase? There are so many to choose from and I’ll eventually try them all but my vudget won’t allow all the wires and flavors and other stuff.


In my arsenal is the following.

.5mm ribbon
.8mm ribbon

Nichrome 80

SS 317L

If I had to choose a couple.

It would be
.8mm ribbon

SS 317L 28g

Nichrome 80



If @NewDrip was answerinh he’d say Tio2 and Ni200 and SS316 or SS317

As many different AWG’s as you can find. Lol.


Agreed, cause the first thing I thought of is that M80 is Temp Controlled. @NewDrip. Where are you? Someone just mentioned Tio2…lol


I was planning on getting some Ni80 today so I’ll order a 24 and 38. As for the kanthal, I’m covered with the exception of the ribbon.

So I assume it’s OK to mix the different types of wire (Kanthal, Ni, SS, Tio etc) together into one coil? If so what is the general rule to follow?

One of my main concerns is the ramp up time if I attempt to put in a complex coil. Will the m80 handle it?
Sorry for all the questions but trying to find simple answers can be tricky and you guys are always helpful.


I may be wrong but I believe the answer to that is no. I highly recommend you wait for @NewDrip chime in on this. He is our resident Coil Guy…


Sorry fellas, I’ve been off the grid for a bit. I’ve never had a problem mixing different types of wire… I do it all the time. In some cases it just cancel out TC feature… but they fire all the same. It’s one of the main components in creating a staged heated coil.


Yes, this is why I said the answer is probably no, being we are talking a temp control unit…I kinda figured you actually did mix wire on some builds but probably not with the temp control. I was thinking maybe you could mix the Ni and Tio2 and the temp control work. Ever tried that yet?


I have a Tio2 and Ni200 build in my evic and it’s running in TC mode. The TC mode on M80 is kinda crude. It only limit the wattage output in TC mode. You can still get dry hits.


Just outta curio Lost, what do ya like to vape at, resistance (temp)? And whatta ya like to vape it on?


I usually build single wire coils at .2 - .3ohms 24 or 26g kanthal. I just got some 22 316L wire and that works great and yesterday I built my first Nichrome 80 26g clapton with twisted 32g kanthal and it seems to be working well on the smoke m80 TC setting with the Mutation X RDA. No dry hits in the last 24 hours and no scorch marks on the cotton. I should have put the coils on the PV 1.5 for better flavor (although the Ni80 really brings the flavor out on the X), but wasn’t thinking. The clouds are great though.


Thanks for the feedback. I was just curious what your preferences were as I do a bit of research and writing on the subject… and given all the advanced advice you were getting. I build most everything I see for testing purposes (no advertising banners written in wire tho). :smile:

Seen that >2:3 of us like something like a Kay @ 1.5-l.8Ω as their unicorn. Can also tell ya studying and writing about the tech that — our last vape seems to always be the best vape. LOL. A conclusion that seems hard to avoid and keeps us chasin’ the latest greatest shiny-thingy.

Teach precision winding for new vapers using a variety of physical principles. Live mostly on ECF if ever you need, give a shout.

Good luck all. :smile:
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This reply is not about wire or coils. I see that you are using a eleaf 50 watt the Mutation X V3.
I have the mutation x4 with the 50 watt eleaf and after a month , with juice leaking out of the RDA . the charging port was
went bad. So just be carefull with the eleaf and the mution x3. 50.00 down the drain, must likly my fault . for over filling.


Did it keep auto-firing (turning on on it’s own)? If that is the case, you MIGHT be able to fix it if you still have it. It happened to mine as well (common problem with the 50w model) and I fixed without too much trouble. Let me know and I’ll tell you what to do.


NO none of that. the charging port or plug was not chaging, I’m gussing that juice was in side both end and not making connect. I tryed to hot wire it, but as you might know, there hart to get too with total destroying the unit.Yep in in the trash now. thanks any way, just a newbe miss take. If I used a sub ohm tank I’m sure it be still working. thank any way wow. should had put it outher sooner.


Ah…sorry to hear that. I guess you won’t repeat that any time soon.


I have a question and I know you may have the answers. I know that you can mix different wires when building coils, but my question is can you mix ss316 with N80? Or ss316 with Kanthal?