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Help with winter type recipes


I will start by saying I’m a terrible mixer :smile: every thing I have made has been pretty bad lol. Rather than continue tweaking my recipes I usually abandon them and go back to mixing other people’s recipes that I have enjoyed. I want to change that, it’s been over a year since I started DIY and I’ve gotten nowhere lol.

My wife and I have quite a lot of flavorings she utilizes them and is a pretty talented mixer, I don’t and have a lot to learn. I need to start listening and learning from her! In this case she isn’t familiar with some of the concentrates so I’m here to ask for some sage wisdom.

I’m looking to make two mixes, and stick with them! One would be a pumpkin pie (possibly with Ice cream) and the other an Eggnog custard. As far as flavor concentrates for the pumpkin and eggnog I don’t know where to begin. Any thoughts on which ones I should consider over others? Any ideas on accompanying flavors that someone like me might overlook? I’m not asking for you guys to make a recipe for me, I’m just trying to get an idea for a solid list of flavors to add to my order.

Sorry this was long winded and thanks in advance for your help. It’s appreciated :blush:


Might be something in here petal

And I’m sure somebody was talking about an Eggnog Custard in a recent thread…just can’t find it :rofl:



Very helpful thank you! It seems I didn’t really use the search bar effectively :smile:


Thanks I will have a read!


Pumpkin and eggnog. Your going to have to do hours of reading. Overall from what I have seen there is a lot of work to be done in this area.

My recommendation is read every post conncected to eggnog and then pumpkin. Just enter the term is the search bar and you’ll be set.


Chasing that Pumpkin too. Feel ya. Got FLV Rich cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice on the way. HS Pumpkin Pie was definitely the starting point for me. Now if I could just get the rest of it down. Still working on a Apple Pie and a Butter Pecan too. Maybe I will have something I am satisfied with by spring.


At least next winter we should have a nice seasonal recipe haha.


Definitely. I hated to spend on FLV but CAP Pumpkin spice wasn’t doing for me and TFA Holiday Spice was good clove but killed everything else (maybe better diluted??) Rich Cinnamon was a must buy because I can use it it a lot of fall/winter/holiday recipes and the reviews are awesome. Also say it is very strong. For the price I hope so. I also picked up a bunch of PLR flavors to play with. Now the shipping waiting game begins.


It really is! Start very very very low - I use 1 teeny drop in a 50ml mix and it’s evident. It’s my favourite of all the cinnamons :grin:


As @Lolly said hella strong but awesome - i have some in a 10% dilution so i can get smaller amounts if required.


I’ve got Flv pumpkin spice, CAP pumpkin pie and Flv eggnog on the way. Hs Pumpkin pie will be next. I’m excited to try them all. Any recommendations on percentages/steep time for single flavor tests?


Just made a pumpkin pie recipe with liquid barn pie flavor! They recommend 15./. And I used 13./. Seems high but liquid barns recommended percentages are pretty spot on honestly! Just made it so don’t know how it’ll be just yet but here it is if you wanna look it over! I’ll let you all know the result once steeped! I’ll add a second recipe that’s tried and tested that’s super delicious for fall and winter! I love it!



I have been using the HS Pumpkin Pie at 5% in mixing. Single flavor I didn’t the same. It is not a very powerful flavor IMO. Over 6-7% I was getting a little off chemical flavor. After a week it seems to be a lot better.