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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


A little late to this topic, but I have been debating on trying hemp for a little bit now. Thank you for the tutorial and link to where you purchased the hemp. I went ahead and purchased some, and now look forward to this new adventure
Do you still prefer this over cotton?
Was going to post in the thread but didn’t want to revive an old thread. If that’s what I should have done sorry for the private message
As always thank you for the information you have provided.


therabidweaselMay bite. It’s the rabies.

Gmer4lfe, nice to meet you. I’d be very happy if you would post in the thread. Threads don’t really die here, I guess that’s another kewl thing about this environment. Welcome, I spend most of my time in chat these days, so apologies if you’ve been posting awhile.
Do I still prefer it over cotton? Do people still wick with cotton? I haven’t rewicked my daily dripper, all I use at 30ml/wk, 20ga Ti wound on a 4mm rod, only hits right on 200w mods dripper…in nearly 3 months. I don’t rewick…ever. I rebuild when the coils get too crusty. Some attys that I use infrequently stay wicked for a year. They still taste as good as 2 day old rayon.
Hemp is amazing. I really can’t believe anyone uses anything else. Thanks for giving me a chance. I hope you like it. Remember hygiene as I describe and rinse the build in vodka, run in temp control. . .come talk to me in 3 months. The flavor change alone is worth switching wicks. ^^^^^ are the side effects.
Feel free to post your question and my reply in the thread. Best of luck.


Ty for the reply back. I will post this once I get my computer to play nice again. Randomly kicked me off my router and now will not connect to any router,fun times. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get the new wicking material and have a chance to play. Wanted to go hemp before just a buddy told me not to. That was before I joined the great community of elr.
Again the tutorial was great, so glad I found it. You and every member of elr are awesome. Ty.
O yea I work alot with exotic coils mainly with ss316 and ni80. Like to play with both pwr and tc modes. Coils are usually around .07-.15 ohms. Would help still work good for my setup or sad should I stick with tc mode. I do like both, and use a goon RDA and rta for the tfv8. Mainly run between 120-200 watts depending on the build, lol, just my vaping preference.


First attempt with hemp. It does have a woodsy earthy taste while breaking in, but to me at least it is no where as bad as breaking in cotton. So far flavor from the juice is not slowly diminishing with each hit, seems to give just as much flavor as the hit before it. For me it is taking longer than cotton to lose the wicking materials flavor, but I was expecting that. It might be my imagination but I feel as I’m getting thicker clouds from the hemp. I decided to ick an RDA first just to get the feel of hemp. Thought An RDA would be an easier first time as I don’t have to be worried about flooding.
Here is my goon RDA that I wicked tonight with hemp.

Can’t wait for the break in period to be over and see the difference in taste between my two goon setups with the same coil, one cotton one hemp. Getting excited, you know like being a kid in a candy store…


Great to hear. I think you will get quite a bit more life from both wicks if you cut the tails of the wick that are folded beneath the coil at the moment to where the ends just barely touch the deck. It will also increase the capacity of your RDA. Best of luck!

I’m still vaping the build from late Jun in here…I forgot it caught fire!


Hey thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a shot. Thought I had to leave tails in the juice well to hold more juice because of the deep well, but again my buddy also said not to use hemp. Flavor from my juice is pure now. So good. Next is the build deck for my tfv8, well when I find some more time.


I think for both cotton and hemp you’ll find reducing the amount of wick helps everything, break in flavor duration included. To me hemp’s flavor improves for about two days. After then, it will wick that way until your coils are gunked.

Try it with some simple coils too. I think you’ll find the drop in flavor is not as much as with cotton. The fancy coils became too much work/lifetime limiting for me, so I just build twisted at most these days…but no contact coils. Spaced, always.


Thanks @therabidweasel Hemp is a real solution for me. My attys are all easy to wick RDAs and RDTAs but my latest invention is blowing my mind and hemp is making it bulletproof. I posted in another thread about the idea to make a dual Stovetop Clapton for quick cotton change in flavor testing. uh who needs to change wick when it doesn’t hold flavor. I just vape it near dry and add new/different juice.

@Pugs1970 said my coil looked like Princess Leia and with a hemp wick it looks like Leia and Chewbacca had a love child (Leia with a mowhawk!) The physical structure of hemp which might be a problem for some is the solution here as I needed something resilient between the two Stovetop coils. I just now needed to dry burn my Claptons, …pinced the hemp …pulled it out with my fingers …dry burned coils …poked the Hemp right back down in there. This things a 0.10 ohm beast and it’s almost like I don’t have to inhale :wink:

Here’s a pic with the old cotton setup. The concept being it only needed a little ball o cotton to taste test. I rewick too often (cotton/Rayon) and it’s consuming alotta materials. So far I have only cut 3/4" of hemp and I can see this lasting a very long time. The way it wicks and doesn’t hold on to flavor and the structural integrity in this specific application make it a WIN WIN WIN!

Flavor? I did barely detect the brand new flavor but I was vaping Peanut Butter Sandwiches :wink: so it was slight and disappeared quickly and not a bad taste. You’ll have to imagine Leia’s Hemp Mohawk (pic shows Rayon) but here’s my new favorite RDA …a $10 mini Velocity clone nicknamed Leiad Bacca. The deck only holds a 1/2 ml (one dropper full) but with the Hemp wick I can load two dropper fulls


Was digging my lil’ Velocity mini but the juice capacity was a pain. Hello Limitless 24 RDA! Not only does it have 4X+ more deck/juice capacity the non-adjustable air flow up top works perfectly with my Leiad Bacca build (lotsa vaporization up top!) I’m posting this in the Hemp thread because I don’t know if cotton or rayon could survive here, while Hemp excels (maybe even make it possible at all)!

0.15 Ohms dual 5 wrap GeekVape SS Fused Clapton Stovetop running at 55Watts 420 degrees Shout outs to @R0B for some inspiration He’s some details of the build! Oh and that’s my Griffin 22 drip tip …fits perfect.


Those coils are fab - how have you wrapped them?


I just used my joil jig (smallest rod) and tried to wrap the wire on top of instead of next to the previous wrap. Still you have to futz with it but the wire choice works very well here (GeekVape Fused SS prewrapped Clapton wire)


Absolutely fabulous idea! :smiley:


I just finished my first load which was Apple and Butter Rum Appleton Jack (just vaped until I wasn’t getting as much vapor) and switched it up with some Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich on White I think since flavorings are so volatile they are gone before the VG etc is totally gone …again especially in this hemp wicking and where cotton and Rayon might singe (the hemp still looks slightly wet)

The next flavor comes through with little to no previous flavor …that’s handy!

Also with the Limitless 24 you can close the bottom air flow off while having tons of airflow up top …you can totally change the flavor of your vape …hit that sweet spot Winning!


Just to bump a year old thread, I figured I’d say thanks to @therabidweasel and @BoDarc here. TRW tells everyone how wonderful hemp is any time you chat with him, and so I was interested. Bodarc actually gave me a pretty good size sample of some hemp wick he had around. I gotta say everything TRW says is absolutely true. Once it is broken in, it is tasteless. It clears flavors better than any wick I’ve tried, from Bust-A-Nut to Strawnana Custard without missing a beat. It doesn’t get scorched or taste crappy after sitting overnight. Thanks guys.

On a side note, I’ve got about 20 packs of cotton bacon v2, $5 each to anyone that wants.


What is the amen emoticon? Fam, if I could distribute it, i’d give you all some hemp. You really do owe it to yourself to try it. Maybe I made it look hard, maybe it is hard, but it stays ^^^^^ that good for at least weeks. For me it lasts months. I’m vaping a dripper I wicked in January. The coil is the limit with hemp.


Rabid, do you have a Griffin or a TF-RTA?


I have an unopened griffin 22mm…


No worries. No need to open it. I will order some and give it a go. The longevity is what I’m looking for.

I normally get a week out of a rayon wick and when I pull it out, as long as I’m not using a dark juice, it’s as white and pure as the day I put it in. The biggest problem I run into is it doing what you may be referring to breaking down. What it will is start weeping around the airflow ring and show signs of weeping at the airflow holes. It’s at this point I know that if I don’t wick in a the few days then all my fluid is going to leak out.

That what you mean buy breaking down?


Sorry for the wait. I haven’t used rayon recently to know, but I know with cotton, your wick can come out in pieces, it falls apart. Zero signs of that with hemp on attys that have been wicked for at least a year. Hemp is tricky in some tanks as I mention above, but in my now long experience with it, if it work it works until the coils start flaking charcoal off them. Even then you can rinse or usc the whole build in vodka to get another couple of weeks. On thick wire I scrape the coil first…the hemp stays in, I just usc it all afterward.


I also have successfully reused hemp. Hemp wicks without being absorbent so it gives up the gunk easily in an ultrasonic. Looking at it under magnification you can see the carbon residue from the coil laying on the surface as small chunks …unlike cotton which absorbs it like a dirty dish rag.

Just last night I rewicked one of my Smok TF-RDTA which have always been tricky to get juuust right with cotton and rayon …to balance between dry hits and leaking. I just crammed a max amount of hemp into my 3.5mm ID coils and poked down through the deck. Problem solved.

It was only slightly more difficult to get the sturdy hemp to make the small right angle and go through the deck juice holes, but the ability to mercilessly twist it like twine, but then untwist without damaging the fibers allowed me to get it very small yet have a very full tight wick in both the coil itself and the juice flow holes. Vaped it all last night and this morning …very happy with the result …no dry hits and not one drop of juice on the outside