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Hi there - New guy here, what up?


Greetings my friends and fellow mixers, just joined up and thought I would introduce myself. Im Kirk, living in Ontario. Been mixing a couple months. Doing pretty good so far, have a few steeping ATM.

Just thought I would say, much respect for your recipes, knowledge and assistance.

Looking forward to recipe development.


Welcome Kirk, i hope you will enjoy it here at the asylum together with all the other crazies :laughing:


:vulcan_salute: Welcome aboard, Captain.


Good to have you here :grin:


That’s what I was gonna say :laughing:
Well, anyway…


Welcome, say hi here on this thread :+1:


Welcome ! Good to hear you have batches steeping already that is the key to success is having a steady flow of steeped juice while you mix fresh batches so you can test them along the way.

We look forward to your contributions to the community :smile:

meanwhile here’s a few threads you may find interesting


Welcome aboard!


Why is he running around with a dildo in his hands? And why isn’t that pic in the freaky friday thread? :wink:


He’s not, his momma told him never to run with a lollypop so he’s standing around :innocent:

Your wish is my command :grin:


Right on. Looks like a great community. Ya i picked out 3 nice recipes to mix up. Bombis nana cream, A strawberry custard and mothers milk Wow, lots of flavors in that one. From what I have read so far, its all about knowledge and patience. And building a working knowledge of the flavors.

Much obliged for the warm welcome.

Kirk out


Thank you, I will check out these threads.


Hi Kirk! Welcome to the nicest, craziest place in the Matrix.


Welcome to star ship e-liquid! Many good crewmen aboard with an occasional alien disturbing the peace. We have science officers, engineers and medical personnel so you are largely safe.


Glad to have you!


Haha, nice to see aware folks. :slight_smile:


You’ll be able to spot the Aliens, they’ll be the ones with no paint left on them. Welcome aboard buddy :thumbsup: