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Be polite and introduce yourself! (Feb. 2015 to Feb. 2017)


You all “know” me - Introduce yourself to me and the others :smile:

I need help with juice
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Hi there - New guy here, what up?

I’m Nathan, the owner of CloudHouse Vapor. I also do a LOT of DIY on the side, so I am happy to get some new ideas and share a bit of what I know.


I’m Jon. Live in Wyoming, USA. I have been vaping for almost 2 yrs now and I have been DIY’ing ever since the start. DIY’ing has turned into a great hobby and I certainly don’t know everything but I’d be glad to help in anyway I can!


Whaaaaaa? Forums now too? Daath stop workin so hard man.

et3rn1ty/3tern1ty here. Been mixing for a while. Apparently I make some good stuff according to everyone else…


Welcome man! Good to see you! @et3rn1ty I’ve been meaning to add forums almost since the beginning, and I found this forum-software, and just felt that now was as good a time as any :smile:


I’m Sublime, nice to meet you.

Been vaping a while, and making juice for the last 5 months. Made some horrid frankenvapes and some good ones too…

Love the site and the new discourse forum.



Hey everyone, my name is actually not tony, but who cares.

I’ve been vaping for almost three years now, DIY’ing since late 2012.
Really happy daath has given me the opportunity to be a mod here, I’m sure this will be a great place to talk about everything DIY-related. It’s great to have a forum (almost) exclusively for that, instead of small subsections on bigger forums.

So yeah, that’s it for my intro :smiley:


Hello everyone,

Been vaping and diy for 6 months. I am a single coil RTA guy and do fine with my coils but not so much with recipes. I don’t purchase pre made juice. Onward I march.


Hi I’m Amy*** from Gainesville, Fl.
I’ve been vaping a little over a year and been diy’n for around 5 months. Daath I love this site so easy and now wow we get to enjoy our very own forum thanks to you ! Love to mix !!! Look forward to seeing some great posts !


I’m Rob, 26 from Ireland. Been vaping 8 months or so. Haven’t diy’d yet but am good mates with daath via a mutual irc thingy we use. Hopefully I’ll make my diy start next month and I’m also hoping you guys can help me along with it :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and I make vape videos from time to time :smile:


I’m Don, stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Been mixing a little over a year now. Have learned quite a bit from this site and others. Mixing has now become a full time hobby for me :smile:


Me too Don3 ! I unfortunately still have to work lol but when i’m off its my hobby of choice ! My fiance’
reminds me to come up for air every once in a while so I throw him a bone and we got target shooting at the range…compromises <3

thank you 4 your service and rock on !


Hey guys,

I’m Grant – I’m 22 years old and live on the east coast of England. I haven’t been vaping for long but my love of technology, tinkering and hobbyist traits I’ve picked it up very quickly.

I’ve just started making juice and it’s going well. I can’t wait to try some of the other more popular recipes on this site. 6% Tiger’s Blood was just heavenly!


My name is CJ and in from the U.S. (Las Vegas)
I’ve been in the Vape community since early 2009 and I have seen so many good folks over the years, that have been helpful in contributions and guiding others with advice…
So If I am able to help anyone out with a question or problem… That would be very rewarding to me…
I look forward to getting to know all of you !!!


Hi y’all. Robert here from Columbia, SC. I got into DIY in 2010 very casually. Last year I’ve gotten more serious about it and with the help from a lot of great minds at ECF have finally reached a point where I can almost create on paper really good mixes. I prefer fruit/cream flavors but have certainly experimented with a wider range. I’m not one to come to for much advice, but will always share what I can when possible. Looking forward to this being a great place for collaboration and sharing.


Hello, 30yoF from NW Oregon, Portland to be exact. Happy to see this forum alive and be an early member. Hopefully we can help eachother get the best recipes out there before all these taxes come down on eliquids, not to mention what possible bans these B.Tobacco get passed.
Been vaping 6 and a half months, have a healthcare background, was only a casual smoker, here and there depending on stressors in life. However vaping has helped me help a friend who has smoked for half her life, quit. So it’s not only a hobby for me, it’s a kind of gift to have knowledge in.
Hope to learn what I can while we’re all here :smiley:
Happy Vaping, Vape on!
pdxJLB :hospital: :gemini:


Hey folks. Wasabi man here from norther ca. Been vaping for 3 years and been diy ’ in for about 6 mos. Making my own box mods for about 3 mos. Looking forward to learning and helping as much as possible


The name is Jim, the screen name is Jimk. I’ve been using ELR for about a month or so now; same amount of time I’ve been mixing my own juice. I have to say, this site has really helped me understand mixing. Just by watching others, I’ve been able to create some nice original mixes that I really enjoy. I’ve directed tons of folks to the site, in hopes it will help them as much as it has me. All for now and see ya in the posts.


G’day All :smile:

From Melbourne, Australia. Started vaping about 5 weeks ago, haven’t had an analogue in 4 weeks (after 32 yrs). Started DIY straight away, as nicotine is illegal to sell in Aus and we have to import it for personal use which is legal. I’ve collected around 60 odd flavors so far, mostly Capella, TFA and FA.


[quote=“hotchip, post:19, topic:43”]
Started vaping about 5 weeks ago, haven’t had an analogue in 4 weeks (after 32 yrs). [/quote]