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Hiccups from vaping


Normally I’m okay but I tried a new mix my mate came up with that keeps making me hiccup every time I freshly juice my coils with it. Absolutely no idea why and it’s never happened before but it is EVERY time with this particular mix. Anyone else have any similar issues or answers as to why it happens?


Could be Nic-ups is it higher nic than you use or a different brand? High nic intake can produce hiccups or nic-ups


nic give me the hics bad


what they said above


Fill a glass with water, get a straw, plug your ears as tight as possible with your fingers and chug the water through the straw, hiccups will be gone, promise you.


when i was young my dad told me to get a glass of water put paper towel over top and drink it from the opposite side of rim as you usually would wierd right ??


1 shot glass with 30 ml grenadine straight will get hiccups everytime or this works with my wife everytime - I bet her $1000 she can’t hiccup again


Same method but different technique, the added pressure equalizes the imbalance between the trapped air inside the esophagus and the tummy, sort of like ears popping from the sternum.:wink:


"Hiccups are reported to be a symptom of nicotine OD, for some people. Because of this, and their common occurrence, they are also known as the ‘niccups’. The idea that they may result from an alternative delivery path for the nicotine, via the mouth or gullet (i.e. swallowing it), is attractive to some people.

Hiccups are reported to be experienced by smokers and tobacco users, and are said to be more common among those who use chewing tobacco, Snus, or dissolvable tobacco tablets. It is further suggested that they swallow tobacco juice and hiccups may result. They are not common among pipe and cigar smokers, who are less likely to inhale or swallow smoke, or users of nasal snuff."


I got the hiccups really bad when I chewed Levi Garrett bacco and nicotine gum gives them to me almost instantly.


Now this BB is a very fine idea! Don’t have to be naked to do this do i?


Take a pixie stix candy powder and put some under your tongue the sweetness is suppose to calm down the hiccups and nix the nic boost you got which caused the nic cups which suck,this alone led me to start mixing nic free until it steeped on my trial days I’d try out 10-20 new mixes and would hiccup for an hour no more nic cups for me also I did the pixie stix and it helped.


the gum use to get me as well , even the lowest strengths , but my girl would chew it like it was nothing


Wow I’d never heard or experienced this.

I mustn’t be vaping enough.


Wow thanks for all the replies. I’ll be trying a few of those out for sure lol

Not stronger but is definitely a different brand. I think I’ll stick to my Jam On Toast juice until my supplies arrive.


I used to get relentless hiccups occasionally when I smoked. Every drag, hiccup city.
I’ve gotten hiccups a few times since I started vaping years ago, but they are never constant. I can even take a puff without having a fit.


wow, learn something new every other day.


yeah iv hade the “nickups” but only back when i was using the stinks


I don’t think I have had a single hic or nic up since I started vaping 2 years ago at 6mg and 1.5ohm. I now chain vape at 2mg (high watt, super low ohm). I honestly can’t recall the last time I had the hiccups so if it happens today I blame this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Apart from the niccups, the hiccups can be caused by dehydration, too. Just thought I’d leave that here. :relaxed: