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Hohm Wrecker G2


Do you have the entire color colection now?


I want a black but vapoprcube is out of stock. Most of my mods are black, with a couple black/grey and 1 red/black so these blue and orange are a bit on the wild side for me.


Here is a lot of info to help you get started:


Im wanting to get a G2 so bad but im also waiting on the black version. They run out of stock on those the fastest i assume. Sucks hearing all the horror stories though


Just remember on the internet there is reverse confirmation bias. You will always read a ton of negative posts as this prompts posting. Not nearly as many post because things work as they should.


That’s very true, but what’s put me off them so far is the way the deal with genuine faults. Every account I’ve read about their customer service so far has been negative, and not just poor customer service but really bad.


I just ordered a Slice I have had no problems at all with my G2’s


Hohmtech has answered all my emails (3) and been very helpful in answering my questions. On my first order, Vaporcube provided me with outstanding customer service on an issue that was 100% my fault yet went way out of the way to take care of me. Because of this, I’ve purchased from them three additional times. I must have been the exception. Lucky me.


I’m only going by what I’ve read and it wasn’t good. I think it might have been @SthrnMixer that had issues with his and @Volition and @Pugs1970


They sorted my faulty unit out eventually, but it took a month to get back to me and I had to pay to send it back, as well as return postage and a fee for not having the receipt and to prove my age??..even though I sent them the original order form (didn’t actually get a receipt)
So I ended up paying twice what I paid for it in the first place…of a half price deal…not amazin.


After all that hassle and you still had to prove you’re 45?. That’s just adding insult to injury


47…felt kinda nice to be fair :wink:


I did not get any response from vaporcube at all!!! However, I got all my resolution through and satisfied with PayPal. In the end I really ended up a long way in front. So I was lucky and Unlucky.

For the price of 1 full price mod. I got to G2’s 1 Slice and 2 Pairs of batteries. Can’t really complain, it was just a hassle and very disappointing that at each point it had toi be resolved through Paypal. I would and will purchase again at Vaporcube but only using PayPal.

Hohmtech respond to emails and help where they can with no issues. But There retail arm (vaporcube) are shite.


The battery life on these G2’s in TC SS mode is amazing compared to similar builds I was using on my RX2/3 in dual battery mode. I have been vaping a 0.17 ohm build at 90w/410f all morning (been up for nearly 5 hours) and it is now just getting down to 95%ish.


Be aware that most of us get serious lag or drain at 41% battery life


thanks, that is good to know. I normally put batteries on the charger between 40 and 50 percent so I haven’t noticed that.


Does anyone here have a spare g2 that theyd want to sell? Im on the hunt for a black or red one before i buy from vaporcube


we gonna have a bidding war if so, i want both those colors :smiley:


Hey man i been checking vaporcube every other day and they just now this very moment have red back in stock. I ordered one finally


wtf, after i just ordered 2 silver then a orange + blue because those were my only other choices. I really want a black or 3. going to have to pass on the red for now I guess

dont forget the half off code