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Hohm Wrecker G2


Raspberry Chai Tea? Yeah I am that good.


should have my 2 new g2’s tomorrow if usps site is telling the truth, can finally put that reel of 22ga ss to use


That’s the one. And yes the raspberry chai tea is that good.


Remember that fucking hint on the peach dark pipe? Well it’s on the way.


You will enjoy them. They are a bit boxy but they really have no limit.


Oh damn bro! I’m going to start stalking the mailbox now.

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Hope all goes well.


Thanks getting setup now.


I am a fan. Got one running a goon clone with 0.8ohm build and a boreas with a 0.18ohm build on it. Max insanity was a bit much and the other AIM modes of 51% and Battery Saver were sorta meh but plain TCSS is nice. Now I gotta learn about the FSK Curves.

One of them is acting a bit funky: I upgraded both with new firmware but the one box wouldnt fire a 2nd rda I have, then I put the rda on it that works on the first box and it said damaged atty… not sure what is up with that but it works fine with the boreas on it. Need to try that 2nd rda that wouldnt fire on the 2nd box on the other box that runs the lower ohm rda fine… same thing, ohms reading doesnt change and watts stay at 0 when I try firing it, no warning messages of any sort and wont fire in vw mode either…


You need to reset atty’s when changing. So make sure you fire with the atty off between changing them. Does that make sense! You want to see the “connect atomiser” message when changing them over. It resets all the measurements and tells the mod you are changing mods. If you don’t it uses the old atty’s settings.

Welcome to the FSK club. Have a read through this thread there are different methods of using the curve both to the same effect. Some use the curve to control heat. I prefer to use the temperature, seems more logical plus i don;t need to dig through the menu.


ty, guess I shoulda read thru the manual a bit more before I started swapping toppers.


Max insanity sets the watts for you and really blast to start. I’ve switched over to power mode and see that it hits anywhere from 100-151 watts when you have it on Maximum insanity.

@Volition already covered the atty change. I just press the fire button a couple of times when I change attys.


I can’t be bothered to read the whole thread or manual right now (drinking whiskey) but can someone give me the basics for using Kanthal in TC mode? I have a number of spools of Kanthal I have been ignoring and would like to put to use. You run it in AIM mode then VW?


3 clicks on the mode button
3 more clicks on the mode button
Minus button to XXX mode
Fire button

Set your temp curve to about 8% to start. Bump up from there until you find your spot. For me it’s normally around 11.5%


ty, was actually reading the pdf manual after posting that but that is just what I was hoping for to give me a good starting point when I next try building a topper with some kanthal.


Or Kanthal mode!

If no action increase the curve 10 at a time. Until it hits, then your in business.

I don’t use the auto tc modes no real advantage. It just regulates the punch as the batteries drain to help you conserve battery life. I’d rather have full punch all the way down and change my batteries sooner. Your call but that is all that function is doing.


Thanks. I haven’t had these firing more than 5 or 6 hours and I am already tempted to order a couple more for the stash…


The slice, yes the slice.
Halfprice with code “sliceprice”

Add a pair of these

Unbeatable(well probably beatable, but very good)

It’s all I’ve used for the last week with my tanks.


101w is the very bottom of my vaping range lately (actually, I don’t think I have a single mod in daily rotation below 100w) so I have to pass, plus I don’t want a new battery size


Does someone make a breathalyzer for keyboards? Had a few too many last night while vaping on my hohm wreckers and was so enamored with them I ordered 2 more: 1 blue and 1 orange.


Bahaha! They do make one that works with your phone. You blow in to it and it sends the data to an app on your phone. Sat with a friend one evening and did shots for 2 and a half hours. He blew a .22 I blew a .26. Good times.