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Hohm Wrecker G2


I would definitely do the paypal dispute.

The problem is also that they should not sell Internationally at there current prices if there not willing to take a loss. The policy to pay for age verification and return shipping on a DOA mod is ridiculous as well.

I have only had 2 problems, the first was a Hohm Slice when it first came out, the Red had damage and they swapped it out no charge. The other was another Slice with a button that got stuck every so often, they sent me a couple of new buttons with a link to a video on how to swap it out. The first time I had to push though and was pissed, I paid full price at the time. They did make it better but there bedside manner when there is a problem can be hit or miss.

If there still available at ecig.com then I would definitely get it there over vaporcube.

Unfortunately I think we are in for dark times with a lot of US companies in the vape biz. I have noticed a lot of online retailers I use to do a lot of biz with have really cut down on there inventory and a few have outright closed. If there not making much money anymore then CS is going to take a hit with any company. Stupid FDA is just killing the US vape market while strengthening the Chinese, sad times indeed

I just checked ecig.com, didn’t see any G2’s there, in fact there is not the selection there once was there.



So I disputed the payment through PayPal for the price of the mod & delivery.

I received an email from PayPal today stating they refunded the amount.

I’ve ordered the mod again at no cost and will get another. So a very good outcome, just a pity they never replied to my emails. But in the end I was more than happy with the resolution. Now I can get back to raving about this mod.

By the way if you want a more ergonomic mod look at the hohm slice a single 26650 and the value is unbelievable if you use the coupon code “sliceprice”
$30usd half price amazing value thanks everyone very relieved that is over.


Glad you got it resolved. Sucked you had to go through PayPal to do it instead of HohmTech doing the right thing.

The Slice is tempting but I’m really not sure I’m giving them anymore of my money. Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m not giving them anymore of my money.


Tech is too good not to deny myself.

I don’t know but my gut instinct says there is something fishy going on over there. Pure speculation but I reckon they are struggling. I just hope if they do close down. They sell there IP to a reputable company. Then we can have a lot more confidence in the new company. Just a feeling, I could be totally wrong too, secretly, wishing really that another company takes over there tech.

But obviously cutting costs in customer service is a sign of something for sure.


Wow’za and yay! This makes me want to sign up for PayPal. :thinking:


I had interest in these back when they first announced they had TC working with kanthal.

After watching the Phil Busardo video when the owner made a guest appearance and could not get it to work either, I lost all faith in them.

After reading of the issue with no threads in the 510 and the horrible customer service I am glad I never spent the money to try one.

There is absolutely no excuse for not taking care of your customers without the need to get PayPal involved. @Volition I am glad you got this resolved but it should have been done by the company without the need to resort to PayPal for a resolution.

I like the technology involved here but I could never bring myself to order one of there mods knowing if I have issues they are not there to fix the problem.


I have the same feeling now. I own one, I like it, but they have lost my business just by the complaints I’m hearing.

I really want the Slice for 30 bucks because I need another decent temp device. But I will look to DNA.


I bought the slice. It’s coming what’s the chances of getting 2 bad mods out of 3 I thought. I can’t get a faulty mod from Hohmtech now, it’s impossible (yep keep telling yourself).

just remember guys. In threads like this you only hear about the bad stories, mostly. There are a lot a lot of people loving there Hohmtech mods. I do, and God I wish they hadn’t screwed up. Every day that fucked up again I was shattered. I tossed up whether to put my experience up here. Essentially I would have felt bad if it happened to someone else. And what I just post oh yeah me too. Hah.

@wvsanta In regards to TC not working in the Busardo video with Ben from Hohmtech there. Yes, that was a while ago 3 firmwares I believe. It does by its nature struggle with ohm builds that are high mtl types.something about the pinging not working so well at lower voltage etc, I believe the firmware should resolve. But because I never have coils above 1.2 Ω doesn’t effect me. If I was a mtl with builds above 1.5 Ω I would be hesitant But then again does any other mod TC that build, nope. and for what I know it’s fixed, mmmmmm.

Not trying to convince anyone, just making sure your forewarned. a few people, probably too many had bad experiences. Most fixed eventually. But amazing chip for mine. The mod is beautifully engineered inside if you open it up. Simple and elegant. Ok. Nuff about that. It’s onwards and upwards. Waiting for my working slice.


Like I said, I like the mod a lot. Holding it in my hand now with a 0.05 ohm SS fused clapton build on it. TC at 450, 65 watts, Temp Curve at 22%. Kicking hard and flavor is outstanding. But there is a trust issue there now that wasn’t before.

On to better things mod wise. Will continue to post about the G2 here because I want to push the limits. But it will be the only one I ever own.

Anticpating a DNA chip in a WhiteRose mod. Also will be pushing the limits of flavor, artistic style and ass kicking power.*

*ETA: and ass kicking customer service.


I would think and hope they have addressed the issue but the lack of good customer service is still enough for me to not want to order one of there products.

Poor customer service is not the way to do business properly or build customer/brand loyalty.


No body else noticed a massive power lag when your batteries get down to 30%…?


Um…yes. At 40% I start digging in my backpack for batteries.


I noticed at 46, but after 30 i had to change em…whats all that about :confused:thought i had another broken one …lol, kinda glad its you too


You both have broken ones lol


You not getting the power lag?


I don’t have one. They were sold out when I went to pay for it. I’m kinda glad now after reading up on them and seeing all the negative stories about their customer service and QC


You should still get one. Everyone, well almost everyone, should own one.

Lightweight but is built tough. I think @Pugs1970 referred to it as a Tonka. Builds are unlimited. Customer service is kinda sketchy in case you haven’t heatd, but other than that…


I don’t have 100 euro to take that kinda risk. I would go with a dna from @Whiterose0818 if I was spending that kind of money on a mod.


That’s the ticket. Smart thinking my man.


Abso-fucking-lutely :ok_hand: