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Hohm Wrecker G2


:smirk: Sounds like a plan. Get it from HT website.


nope nothing, exactly the same…


Are you in Power Mode?

The Auto + TC only shows up if you are in TC mode.


no im in ss mode


For me to get auto TC+ hold the top/menu button down with + & - together. Same way you enter the “insane vapes” menu or upgrade, firmware, temp curve, etc. It might also depend on what mode you are using, it removes and adds menu items depending on what mode your in. It should definitely be there if TC kanthal is the mode. Is for mine.


I’ll check and see if I get it in SS mode when I get back home.


Go to xXx mode and then see if it shows up.


give that man a cigar!!..thank you sir there it is!!..how fucking bizarre…why did it not show in SS??..


oh and now it’s showing in SS …



I’m not sure. I switched to SS and it shows up for me. But if I take the atty off and fire it to reset it I’m not sure it will be there. Let me try it. Or better yet, you go to SS and see if it’s showing up now.

I’m still using the original firmware it came with like @ozo

Also I’m at 31% battery and if I switch to Maximum insanity the sag isn’t there. 51% and the sag is there.


And you beat me to it. I type slow.


oh I don’t like it anyway…I’m disabling it…






Whats the difference between digital watts mode and insanity watts mode…??

and don’t say one of them is slightly mental…


It must match the user , in your case select Insanity!:laughing:


I don’t have insanity watts mode. Where do you see that?



I resemble that remark …



in your wire choice…, in insane temps mode choice…one of the choices is W…?

or is that just to set your wattage?


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Um…I’m not following.