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Hohm Wrecker G2


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W is for tungsten


If you stand it upside down with no atty on it, turn it 360 degrees then lick the top right hand corner a little screen appears on the side, there’s a whole new ‘Mad Bastard’ menu in there, choose ‘Instant fucking explosion’…I literally just blew up my bathroom sink with it…


Hold the mod in your hand Dorothy. Click your heels three times and say " there’s no place like hΩ , there’s no place like hΩ"…


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W is for Kanthal A1 and another wire…that escapes my ability right now.
I am too involved with a live rescue ATM…I apologize…but check the specs on HohmTech.
Or the PDF manual…



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That’s it. But also for Kanthal A1

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No, no, W is tungsten mode. Kanthal use xXx, Kanthal or digital watts. You may be getting Kanthal to work in “insane vapes” W mode. But that’s not what it’s intended for.


Some of you know about my son buying the G1 and had problems, and they offered him money back or the new G2 before it was released for sale. He took the G2, which prompted me the research the new Intellichip FSK to the ends of the earth. It was a 151W and he has never updated it, it does what he wants.
I always wanted one, but would never pay the $180 for one, but the Labor day sale swooned me, then the pre-Black Friday sale, so I bought one. Then two…LE silvers…The sale kept going, and also some of you know, I bought two cases of the LE silvers to give as Christmas presents.
I have two, gave the rest to family and friends, some had 151W and some had 171W and all work fine to this day from feedback, some have updated, some not.
None have had any problems that I am aware of.


Don’t ever no no me you little joey…stay in your Momma’s pouch, especially
if you are talking about the FSK, and you have read all the firmware upgrade info.
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You mean these firmware notes
. 1. Terminology Update:
a. “Vape Porn Mode” updated to “Advanced TC Mode”
b. “XXX” updated to “xXx”
2. Algorithm #2 & #5 enhanced to further increase battery life (.3% gain)
3. Tungsten embedded in ceramic added to “Insane Temps Mode”
NOTE: Tungsten symbol is same as periodic table: “W”
** latest manual available on product page


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Fyi for all g2 users. Using kanthal mode. The kanthal curve is really just a fine tune curve. Zero on that curve is about 3 on xXx and 100 is about 6 maybe 7 on xXx. If you don’t get action with your kanthal coils and curve at 100. Dont worry move to xXx and start around 7, then move up in lots of say 3 - 5 till your happy.

Here are the low and high values for most wire types. From the manual, for those that prefer to use xXx mode this chart should give you a fair idea where to start.


I’ve run through 4 sets of batteries since paying attention to any power lag below certain battery percentages with the g2.

My observations are that around the 30-35% mark there is a noticeable drop in performance both power and then the battery life drops off markedly. I.do not have much reference to compare against. The other dual 18650 I own is a smok alien. I will see what that does at the same battery reading, though without measuring with a multimeter I can’t be guaranteed it’s an equal observation. But im not too concerned To worry about it greatly and keep my eyes on what I can dig up.

I would advise most g2 runners to consider the 30% mark as a sign to recharge batteries.


I forgot to add that this will be very battery dependent too. I’m using lg hg2


I’d like to see what the remaining charge actually is at 30% on the G2 on a few different batteries. Like 25R, HE2, etc. I will try to get this info posted up over the weekend.


I’m using the Sony VTC5a and it drags at 30%. To the point of unvapeable.

I have two of them now at 33%. Want me to put them on the charger and give you what info I got?


Sure, that way we can compare notes.


My vtc 5 showing 17% on the g2 charged them up on the xtar vc4 they took 2184mAh of charge which would make them 2632 mAh which is about right